Liberal voting journo chiding Conservatives about not being conservative enough

You have to love the hubris of Macleans’ Andrew Coyne who went out of his way in the last federal election making sure everyone knew he voted Liberal, now chastising the PC parties in Manitoba and Ontario (see here).

Coyne lost his “right” to be the defender of conservatism with his choice of being tight within the liberal media establishment and should stop trying to give advice to us who would never support a Liberal.


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  1. Liz J Says:

    That’s the advice you’d expect after the fact from a tight assed Liberal like Coyne and other sundry Liberal shills. We and they know we need to be full out Conservative, they are happy we weren’t/aren’t there yet in Ontario, we’re still hanging onto “Progressive”. However, for his edification, he can take his advice and shove it.

  2. Alain Says:

    While I have no time or respect for Coyne, even a broken clock is right twice a day and on this I say he is right. I would add that it is imperative that Conservative parties present a clear conservative platform and be able to define its benefits in a clear way. As long as they allow the Left (Liberals, NDP, Greens) to define them, they will continue to be on the defensive and lose.

  3. Sean M Says:

    Coyne is a laughable excuse for what passes as a “journalist” these days. While Coyne may still have some credibility with his fellow far left “Liberal” comrades, IMO he is not someone to be taken seriously. Coyne offers absolutely no new insight and seems to be lazily regurgitating what most Conservative leaning people already know. Coynes mind is as warped as his God, Pierre Trudeaus was, and he should stick to making up lame excuses for voting “Liberal”, like the “outrage” Coyne manufactured over the “census issue”. Coyne is an irrelevant joke, just like the “Liberal” party he shills for. Taking political advice from the likes of Coyne would be like taking political advice from a Raelian or Jim Jones.

  4. Joanne (BLY) Says:

    So glad I unfollowed Coyne and unsubscribed to Macleans and ripped up every remaining magazine in my house.

  5. E Mac Says:

    Left wing henchman – Every person has their price but I didn’t realize he could be bought for so little.

  6. Jen Says:

    If he had any credibility the stakes to buy him would be far higher

  7. james Says:

    Just be sure to not read his stupid articles. Also don’t read Wells either. I have stopped reading any content from those two and anything from Maclean’s. They can eat me.

  8. Cytotoxic Says:

    Coyne is an excellent writer and is to the right of Harper on most issues. The logic of this post is “he’s chummy with people I don’t like so screw him”. Pathetic. Coyne diagnosed the Harper and his party as hopeless pretty early on and he was bang on. He’s right about this too and that’s the end of it.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Is the University of Victoria ok with you using their email address to spread your hate? “Principles like hating on homos and being a JesusFreak?!?!” Think I’ll find out…

      • Liz J Says:

        Oh my, sounds a bit “toxic” coming from something as official as the University of Victoria email address. That’s one for Inspector Clouseau, better get him on it pronto.

        • john Says:

          Cytotoxic is a lefty weasel troll who is probably an sock puppet/alter ego name used by the guy who runs the Blog of Walker. If you watch the timings of their postings it seems a bit too convenient that psychtoxhit seems to “pop in” whenever anybody dares to disagree with the snotty little walker.

          If you watch the style & language usage, (even the ocassional grammer mistake) . I think this guy uses a couple of other aliases as well.

        • BC Blue Says:

          I track these numb nuts’ ip addresses…

  9. john Says:

    Regarding the hubris of Coyne. LOL! No doubt! This is an infection that has been destroying the MSM for years and is now, thankfully finishing them off.

    Blustering, pompous stuffed shirts like Coyne & Wells and … well… basically ALL(!) of the PPG are so absurdly self righteous and arrogant. Thankfully the way newspapers and magazines are dropping like flies many of them with be gone soon enough.

  10. john Says:

    Andrew Coyne – a conservative??? Ha! I was just a kid when Joe Clark was Primeminister (for what?…about 38 seconds or so?) but I remember how the press basically went crazy attacking the guy. Even then I could recognize the blatent news bias against conservatives.

    But then Joke Lark got a saving grace. Preston Manning came along and started becoming successful. This was quite alarming to the press. Here was a REAL conservative who was more successful than the blue Liberals they had be attacking before. Suddenly the press was full of stories and opinions prasing Clark and fawning over him about how “dignified” & “statesmanlike” he was. It was all B.S. of course.

    The press was simply propping up thier tame, easily beaten “pet” conservative so they could pretend to be unbiased. Coyne Pretending to be a conservative is the same thing.

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