Parliamentary Budget Officer implodes and exposes himself

There is absolutely no way Kevin Page can continue in the non-partisan position of Parliamentary Budget Officer after he responded to the Conservative’s taking him to task for agreeing to be a guest speaker at a Liberal Party function:

“Maybe (the Conservatives) don’t like the fact that I’m talking about fiscal sustainability. But we’re going to continue to do it”

If their issues are something else, if they don’t like us talking about fiscal sustainability, which is something they promised to produce in 2007, that’s different. But we think it’s fundamental for us to go out and speak with people.”  (see here)

Where is it in Page’s job description to hold a government to account on election promises? How is it possible for him to even think that somehow he is supposed to comment on the politic aspects of the government?

By shooting his mouth off, he has also shot himself in the foot and if he had an ounce of respect for the office he holds, he would tender his resignation.

Also: See earlier post on how inaccurate Page’s fiscal predictions have been here

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