How did NDP get Minister Raitt’s air ticket info?

That’s the question I asked yesterday and again today about the NDP having personal flight information showing a seat upgrade to Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and her Chief of Staff, Douglas Smith and as it turns out, it was obtained illegally:

‘Air Canada spokesman Peter Fitzpatrick said super elite travellers are regularly upgraded as part of their benefits and that “certain employees improperly accessed customer files” and appeared to have provided media with “misleading” information.

“We’re looking into that breach of privacy,” he added, noting he couldn’t elaborate as a result of passenger privacy rules. (see here)

Funny how no one in the media was asking the same question that first came to my mind huh?

Globe’s TV critic wants Sun News to “lick my pecs”

The Globe and Mail’s John Doyle went on another nutty Sun News attack yesterday (see here) proving just how unbalanced he really is:

“On this matter, Sun News can lick my pecs, as they say in the comedy racket. (And yeah, there are pecs, twice-a-week Pilates does that, and the lattes help.)”

The column is once again seriously bizarre and not that I read his stuff regularly but if this is any indication of how utterly unreadable his writings are, it’s stunning that he collects a pay-cheque for them.

Also: Check out the earlier post on Doyle’s personal attacks against PM Harper and his wife here

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