CTV’s Oliver: Harper’s gov’t “mean-spirited, secretive and autocratic”

Besides the 3 chapters devoted to canoes trips with his “personal friend” Pierre Trudeau, there are some very telling examples in this Ottawa Citizen article on Craig Oliver’s book.

Compare how Oliver can’t (actually, won’t) allow that Stephen Harper isn’t the monster he wants him to be because of ideological bias but considers Jean Chretien a “fellow survivor” even though Chretien was the true vindictive ass:

‘At news conferences, Chrétien glared at him and refused to respond to his questions. For a time, friends who worked for the prime minister, including Eddie Goldenberg, froze him out.’

‘At a cocktail party in 2000, Chrétien approached the CTV correspondent, hissing in a low voice, “How do you manage to look at yourself in the mirror every morning?”

But, by far the most shocking admission is when Oliver says that he was such a political insider, his journalistic integrity was compromised:

“I reached a stage where I knew too many things that could not be reported because I had learned them in confidential circumstances.”

Yup, and that folks is from someone in the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame.


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