CTV’s Oliver: Harper’s gov’t “mean-spirited, secretive and autocratic”

Besides the 3 chapters devoted to canoes trips with his “personal friend” Pierre Trudeau, there are some very telling examples in this Ottawa Citizen article on Craig Oliver’s book.

Compare how Oliver can’t (actually, won’t) allow that Stephen Harper isn’t the monster he wants him to be because of ideological bias but considers Jean Chretien a “fellow survivor” even though Chretien was the true vindictive ass:

‘At news conferences, Chrétien glared at him and refused to respond to his questions. For a time, friends who worked for the prime minister, including Eddie Goldenberg, froze him out.’

‘At a cocktail party in 2000, Chrétien approached the CTV correspondent, hissing in a low voice, “How do you manage to look at yourself in the mirror every morning?”

But, by far the most shocking admission is when Oliver says that he was such a political insider, his journalistic integrity was compromised:

“I reached a stage where I knew too many things that could not be reported because I had learned them in confidential circumstances.”

Yup, and that folks is from someone in the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame.



25 Responses to “CTV’s Oliver: Harper’s gov’t “mean-spirited, secretive and autocratic””

  1. hollinm Says:

    Lets hope and pray that this is Oliver’s swan song and he will retire. He is biased against Conservatives. I don’t know they keep talking about Harper being mean-spirited. Frankly I can’t see it. Yes Harper plays politics hard and wins but to keep spouting the line is silly.

    Oliver admits he is biased and it is obvious to anyone who watches him. Time for him to hang up his bias and leave CTV.

    • Jen Says:

      Oliver is afraid of Chretien who might come after him if he speaks ill of chretien.
      Oliver is afraid that chretien might choke him so to sound bravado, Oliver imo says that PM SH is ‘mean-spirited’ because Oliver is too chicken to tell it to chretien face.

  2. Gerald Says:

    He is a despicable person.

  3. E Mac Says:

    We all knew that – Go figure!

  4. Dollops Eric Doll Says:

    What does SYCOPHANT mean, anyone?

  5. A Free Man Says:

    Craig Oliver stopped bothering me years ago. When I see him on my TV I simply change the channel…voila!

  6. bocanut Says:

    What kind of ******* dyes the hair on the side of his head?

  7. Chris Says:

    Oliver is setting the stage for a long overdue retirement. CTV has new ads on with Oliver and his younger “replacement” – an long time friend, protege and trainee. From the tone of the ad and the banter between the old warhorse and the new young stallion, it will be more of the same from CTV. Oliver has ensured that his bias is passed on and that his legacy will live on, reincarnate in a younger clone. Too bad, it was an opportunity for CTV to change.

  8. Fay Says:

    Craig Oliver has passed his best before date!

  9. Anonymous Says:

    His book is advertised on on Amazon .com for a massive discount! Is there any wonder?
    He is no journalist and neither is he an author!!!

  10. todd moody Says:

    Hey I am a fiscal conservative from london. I really enjoy the blogging tories on WSP. I would like to see you blogggers come down on the liberal party for the disgusting fund raising ploy Bob Rae is using with his HANDS OFF OUR CBC website petition. What a weasel using the defunding of the liberal broadcast corp a.k.a. the c.b.c. to generate funds, Please spread the news.

    Thx Todd Moody

  11. Liz J Says:

    Oliver should have long ago excused himself from broadcasting on political shows. Being a a pretender at the non-partisan shtick is sham journalism.

    BTW, it would be hard to find a more vindictive ass than Jean Chretien. Just ask Conrad Black.

  12. Norm Says:

    Why would anyone buy a book written by this bozo?

  13. paulsstuff Says:

    “Just ask Conrad Black”

    Better yet, ask François Beaudoin. Chretien and his cronies were found to have tried to destroy the former head of the BDC financially and emotionally by a judge. Why? Because he was the one who exposed Chretien’s lies about intervening in the Shainigate loan for two years.

    What’s far more disturbing is the media, Oliver included, never saw fit to even mention the lawsuit decison. Then there is the fact what was reported seems to have been erased from the internet. Something probably learned from Obama’s handlers.

  14. paulsstuff Says:

    Sept 3, 2003
    The wrongful dismissal suit of François Beaudoin, former president of the federal Business Development Bank of Canada, begins in Montreal. He says he was forced to resign his post and the bank later scrapped a signed pension agreement because he dared to question a $615,000 loan to a friend of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien. The trial is expected to last for months.

    Feb. 6, 2004
    Beaudoin wins his lawsuit against the BDC. The judge orders his $200,000 annual pension and $245,000 severance package reinstated.

    Sept. 14, 2004:
    The Business Development Bank of Canada reaches a settlement to end its dispute with Beaudoin. The details of the settlement are not released.

    Feb. 2, 2004: A fire, later determined to be arson, damages the Auberge Grand-Mère.

    March 11, 2004: Yvon Duhaime, the owner of the Auberge Grand-Mère, is charged with setting fire to his inn.

    • Liz J Says:

      Yeah, paulsstuff, Chretien wasn’t called “Teflon Jean” for nothing. The Francois Beaudoin case was disgraceful, shameful, Chretien wore none of it.

  15. Sean M Says:

    Owliver is a sniveling little rat, a useful idiot and tool of the “Liberal” party, and a willing participant in the Turdo led dismantling of the country. Chretin was Turdos personal thug and intimidator. A thuggish goon that carried on Trudeaus legacy to socially engineer the destruction of Canada, and did so with an iron fist. Owliver is one of these pathetic drones of the “LIberal” party, disguised as a “journalist”, but was more of a PR man selling the Trudeau revolution. Owliver is a disgrace to “journalism” and to Canada. I wonder if Owliver and Turdo were dutifully followed around by a CBC camera crew when they were canoodling around in their romantic canoe trip get aways.

  16. JR Says:

    … He’s never been able to reconcile the “mean-spirited, secretive and autocratic” nature of his government with the invariably polite and considerate Harper he knows from personal encounters. …

    That’s because it was no-brainer for Oliver to reconcile Trudeau’s ruthlessly autocratic government with his good pal’s own ruthlessly mean-spirited nature.

    The sooner Oliver retires, the better.

  17. real conservative Says:

    Everyone here is missing the connection between Bell Canada and Quebec and the Liberal party? What connection is this?

  18. climatecriminal Says:

    to a liberal (which is pretty much the same thing as a socialist now), mean spirited is not giving a liberal everything a liberal asks for

  19. CTV’s Oliver gets a pass from other journos on unethical past « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] been a week since CTV’s Craig Oliver’s book came out and with it, the stunning self-admission that his journalistic integrity was compromised by his personal relationships with Pierre Trudeau […]

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