NDP got Air Canada upgrades for Layton’s family

Last week, the media went ape over a false claim (derived from illegally obtained personal information) by the NDP that Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and her Chief of Staff, Douglas Smith were upgraded by Air Canada (see here) but now the NDP have been caught getting air-ticket freebies:

“a source familiar with the funeral arrangements says the family members were booked in economy and that an NDP official contacted the airline concierge to request the upgrades” (see here)

Guess one should email all those journos from Ottawa Press Gallery who ran the Raitt story last week as apparently they haven’t seen this one yet.



Update on NDP’s money laundering scheme via Broadbent Institute

On Sept 29th, I emailed Elections Canada asking about the status of my official complaint filed against the NDP for breaking Section 405.21 of the Election Act (see here) and received this reply:

“Dear Mr. Skoreyko:

Thank you for your inquiry. We do not require further information from you at this time. This Office will communicate with you concerning the outcome of your complaint when we are in a position to do so.

The Office of the Commissioner of Canada Elections”

So it came as quite the surprise that according to the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor (on his blog) Elections Canada has been working with the NDP to sort this illegal mess out for them:

“On the advice of Elections Canada, the NDP is refunding the donations and instead asking the donors to contribute direct to Douglas-Coldwell, Vallerand wrote.” (see here)

Anyone want to bet against me soon getting an email from Elections Canada stating that “all issues have now been resolved and we consider the matter closed” from Elections Canada?

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