NDP got Air Canada upgrades for Layton’s family

Last week, the media went ape over a false claim (derived from illegally obtained personal information) by the NDP that Labour Minister Lisa Raitt and her Chief of Staff, Douglas Smith were upgraded by Air Canada (see here) but now the NDP have been caught getting air-ticket freebies:

“a source familiar with the funeral arrangements says the family members were booked in economy and that an NDP official contacted the airline concierge to request the upgrades” (see here)

Guess one should email all those journos from Ottawa Press Gallery who ran the Raitt story last week as apparently they haven’t seen this one yet.




14 Responses to “NDP got Air Canada upgrades for Layton’s family”

  1. E Mac Says:

    Dear Jane/R. Fife & Oliver – Please take note!
    Oh, and Kady.

  2. antfrm Says:

    a pox on the NDP holier than thou’s and their journalistic toadies in the MSM

  3. Anonymous Says:

    back at you ndp anything you throw at the conservatives we throw back

  4. bubbabrown Says:

    Yup the usual suspects will be all over this one /sarc off

  5. ridenrain Says:

    Don’t forget super elite Bob Rae.

  6. Pickering Tory Says:

    Oh no say it isn’t so.
    Yeah but it was Jack, and it was his funeral. And he represented the down trodden and those who don’t have a voice.
    What a bunch of BS on the part of the media and uber left always looking for the “gotcha moment” when it comes to Harper and the Conservatives
    I know how about the NDP focus on making this country stronger both economically and socially rather then deal with crap like this

  7. Anonny Moose Says:

    Wowzer, can you say – HYPOCRITES – will the Red Star breathlessly report this one…

  8. Alain Says:

    This is what happens when ones throws rocks while living in a glass house.

  9. todd moody Says:

    Freaking hypocrites, the left has been playing this game for years.

    • Jen Says:

      without a doubt todd. without a doubt.

      When the rest of the world are looking to canada to do businesswith/ here; the ndp from my view are trying to follow Greece.

  10. Mary T Says:

    OT, but some of the ndp possible hidden agenda come out of Nicole’s mouth on Evan’s show today. NDP want a cap on the pay and bonuses of private CEO’s, but never mentioned a cap on union wages. Evan asked her three times, do you include private corporations in that stmt.
    Can wage and price controls be far behind, for non unionized workers and companies.
    Of course she was speaking unintelligent english, but closed captioning got it all.

  11. Sean M Says:

    Hah! Pathetic. We all know the PPG won’t touch this story with a ten foot hammer or sickle. Bloody corrupt hypocrites!

  12. Bec Says:

    The ‘left’ must be missing something in their brain chemistry. The part that controls their conscience….. and I’m convinced that they must only possess blacked out or broken mirrors because they certainly NEVER look into one.

    • Jen Says:

      I am so glad that they are not running the country Bec, or else we would be under:
      moratorium, protectionism, shut down of the oilsands, redistribution of wealth (not the unions’ wealth mind you, but yours and mine, of whatever is left).

      I don’t have a ipod, but the protesters do which makes me poor therefore they should give me their ipods(redistribution of wealth) the ndp style.

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