Sun News boss demands CBC remove “false & malicious info”

The war of words between Sun News (Quebecor) and the CBC just got even hotter as Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Peladeau is threatening legal action against the CBC for their bizarre attack earlier today:

“Quebecor Media requests that CBC/Radio Canada immediately retract itself and remove without delay the false and malicious information contained in its communication. Quebecor Media will not tolerate that an institution of the federal government attempt to sully its reputation in this matter”

The Quebecor press release then goes through the CBC’s claims item by item here

How did Toronto Star get personal info from license plates?

Blogger Alberta Ardvark (see here) is asking some very pointed questions about how the Star’s Antonia Zerbisias obtained personal information from “tracing” auto license plates in her story:

“Over the past few weeks, the Star has tracked the makes and plates of dozens of cars in the neighbourhood.

Traces on them reveal many of these people drive in from the 905, which means they don’t contribute to Toronto’s tax coffers.

There’s the Kia Amanti, which sometimes takes up two parking spaces and whose owner walks blocks away.

The white van registered to a Mississauga construction company.

The SUV that belongs to a local pawnshop owner who stands behind the counter all day, often sauntering out to shoot the breeze with a neighbouring storekeeper.

The BMW owned by a high-heeled and walking woman.

And then there’s the Bentley, driven by a diamond merchant.”

CBC lashes out at Sun News in bizarre press release

This surreal press release from the CBC which attacks Sun News and its parent company Quebecor, shows that they are feeling the heat and must be in total panic-mode to go off the deep-end in this way.

Tin-foil hat wearing Elizabeth May at it again

You’d think that any national political party leader so nutty as to scaremonger about WiFi would not have any credibility left within the media and the next conspiracy theory spouted would be ignored. Not though when it is anti-Conservative.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May went on public record in the House of Commons accusing the government of “gerrymandering” the upcoming seat distribution and in particular, her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. (see CBC and Posmedia)

The only thing the Conservatives could be accused of doing wrong is allowing the author (Bruce Hallsor) of this politically stupid newsletter anywhere near a campaign.

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