CBC lashes out at Sun News in bizarre press release

This surreal press release from the CBC which attacks Sun News and its parent company Quebecor, shows that they are feeling the heat and must be in total panic-mode to go off the deep-end in this way.


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  1. antfrm Says:

    and it would appear, that the “outing” of the incestuous, 1 billion + per year tax-sucking behemoth that is the CBC, must now react to the disgust felt throughout the nation and lash out at its critics – will be interesting to see who it considers is the enemy, and who they feel are their “friends”

  2. E Mac Says:

    For starters CBC – With all your asinine quotes and finger pointing I have but one thing to say:


    Awaiting your decision at the earliest possible time.

    A Canadian taxpayer.

  3. The Archer Says:

    So what…CBC is pointing out Quebecor’s hypocrisy. I think CBC should play by SNN rules and really get into the gutter…pointing out Quebecor’s QMI’s relationship with Jacques Lanctot would be a start. I can see the headlines now…”Quebecor uses taxpayer’s money to support former seperatist terrorist”

    • BC Blue Says:

      This will be the last comment allowed by you on this site unless of course you’d like to attach your personal contact info so that I may forward this libellous statement along.

  4. todd moody Says:

    The liberals must be in panic mode also. Lost all credability in ontario by having there leader be the second worst premier with Mclier being #1a or 1b. Now they see thier free media arm and supporter sweating it. The funniest was Jenifer Ditchburn saying in her article defending the cbc that they were not fundraising, until you post your info and the request appears.

  5. Liz J Says:

    Is it considered too personal to inform the people how much they’re paying out in salaries and perks to people like Peter Mansbridge? If they can’t give out this info, what are we to assume?

    It’s a pretty good bet Sun TV News is hurting them big time to be coming out with such an off the wall press release. It’s proof their worst nightmares are coming true.

  6. Chris Says:

    Good Lord but it is going to be painful watching the CBC in its death throes and listening to all of the self- righteous wailing and moaning … but what can you do? They prosecute Canadians who mercy kill – don’t they.

  7. Alain Says:

    I would like to add on the subject of Sun News Network my recent experience with Shaw Direct Satellite in BC. I tried sending the information to Sun News via e-mail but it did not work. We had a basic package with Shaw Direct and once SNN appeared it was the only channel I watched when I watched TV in the evening. I asked to replace CBC, CTV or Global with SNN and was told I could not, and furthermore could not even add SNN to the package. I asked if it was possible to forego any package and just get SNN and was again told no. I ended up being forced to take a much more expensive package just to be able to get SNN, so I hope Shaw is not short changing SNN. I also wonder if others have had similar experiences.

    • Oxygentax Says:

      For what it’s worth, adjusting my package to receive Sun News on Shaw would double my cable bill. What’s even worse though, is that to get Sun News, I would also have to subscribe to CNN and MSNBC. It’s a pity, and I’m going to miss it, but I’ll have to find a way to serve it up through my Playstation over the internet.

      • Fat Tony Says:

        I wonder if it is viewable through the wii?

      • Luke Says:

        Would you save any money switching to Sasktel or Access? Both will be carrying Sun News come November. Sasktel on Nov. 15., and Access on Nov. 1.

    • Acacia Says:

      Our family understands the frustration.

      The local cable provider and Shaw are doing some kind of dance that was just taking too long for our mom, who got used to having SUN News.

      To keep SUN News when she moved to a no satellite-allowed building, we will now have her connected from a new laptop to her new tv,( as the monitor).

      We will see if she decides to cancel cable altogether over time, and stay with internet and the live streaming SUN news.

      Expensive? Yes. Would we hesitate to do it again? No!

  8. Congenital Tory Says:

    Perhaps the question for the CBC should be whether anyone claimed a federal or provincial tax credit in respect of any of program aired on the CBC during the same period as their comments on Quebcor. Any such tax credits for content on the CBC would, of course, be in addition to the Parliamentary Grant to the CBC. The taxpayers would have “paid” the tax credits to the producers of the content and then again for the CBC to acquire the rights to it.

  9. real conservative Says:

    Has Quebecor received taxpayer subsidies as the CBC claims? If so I want to know more about this.

  10. Sun News boss demands CBC remove “false & malicious info” « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] hotter as Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Peladeau is threatening legal action against the CBC for their bizarre attack earlier […]

  11. JJ Says:

    “The reality is quite different. QMI has benefited from over half a billion dollars in public benefits over the
    past three years.”

    The solution is that since CBC gets $1 billion dollars a year, and Quebecor gets only $167 million per year, we should equalize it by taking a huge chunk out of CBC’s budget and giving it to Quebecor. It’s all about fairness and equality, right CBC?

    All sarcasm aside, this news release was pretty pathetic.

  12. Joshua Says:

    Interesting.The liberal hacks on at the hearing are turning it into a witchhunt for Quebecor.Quebecor is privately owned company.They are responsible to their shareholders.The CBC is a publicly funded corporation and are responsible to me, the taxpayer.Every quarter Quebecor reports to its shareholders.Little citizen guy ,like me,asks to see CBC balance sheet and we get stonewalled.At a time when the economy needs to be watched and we need to tighten our purse strings, we are being told by the CBC we cant see what is being spent.Audit the CBC and find out just where money is being spent.Get the CRA in there and find out.

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