How did Toronto Star get personal info from license plates?

Blogger Alberta Ardvark (see here) is asking some very pointed questions about how the Star’s Antonia Zerbisias obtained personal information from “tracing” auto license plates in her story:

“Over the past few weeks, the Star has tracked the makes and plates of dozens of cars in the neighbourhood.

Traces on them reveal many of these people drive in from the 905, which means they don’t contribute to Toronto’s tax coffers.

There’s the Kia Amanti, which sometimes takes up two parking spaces and whose owner walks blocks away.

The white van registered to a Mississauga construction company.

The SUV that belongs to a local pawnshop owner who stands behind the counter all day, often sauntering out to shoot the breeze with a neighbouring storekeeper.

The BMW owned by a high-heeled and walking woman.

And then there’s the Bentley, driven by a diamond merchant.”


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  1. albertaardvarkArdvark Says:

    Just found out that it is legal for ANYONE to do a plate search in Ontario. Just pay your fee and violate someones privacy.

  2. albertaardvarkArdvark Says:

    Yup. Before I found out about the loophole I asked Antonia Z via twitter who her source was so I could find out who was parking around certain ‘clinics’.

    My guess is now is that she will be leading the way to change the law.

  3. Bec Says:

    So what, Antonia? Are you complaining that there are merchants and shoppers driving in to work or shop using the streets of T.O.? What a tool, seriously!

    From what I see and hear, you need to book an appointment to get on the roadways when the demonstrators and special interest groups decide that they want to shut things down! No wonder the economy stinks in Ontario! Toll bridges, obscene taxes, users fees etc are not enough for the likes of people like her!

  4. paulsstuff Says:

    Hey, wait a minute. Wasn’t it the Star who was like a rabid dog when Conservative’s used Facebook to screen for opposition plants at campaign rallies?

    Last time I checked any info posted on Facebook was in the public domain. So how can the Star justify this? We can make it a newer version of LOL, instead it’ll be LPC, License Plate Creeping.

  5. real conservative Says:

    Everyone knows that the Star doesn’t play fair.

  6. Thucydides Says:

    But that was the Conservatives!

    Come on, repeat the Leftist’s mantra:

    “Four legs good, Two legs better”

    Do you understand now?

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