Sun News boss demands CBC remove “false & malicious info”

The war of words between Sun News (Quebecor) and the CBC just got even hotter as Quebecor CEO Pierre-Karl Peladeau is threatening legal action against the CBC for their bizarre attack earlier today:

“Quebecor Media requests that CBC/Radio Canada immediately retract itself and remove without delay the false and malicious information contained in its communication. Quebecor Media will not tolerate that an institution of the federal government attempt to sully its reputation in this matter”

The Quebecor press release then goes through the CBC’s claims item by item here


16 Responses to “Sun News boss demands CBC remove “false & malicious info””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Game On!

  2. Jay Says:

    How much did CBC pay for their spectrum?
    This attack by the CBC truly is a pack of lies and misinformation. I cannot understand what they are thinking as they seem to be digging the hole deeper with every attempt to fight back. They are more and more making a case for dismantling or major budget cuts.

  3. Says:

    While I completely despise the CBC, I am not stupid enough to think that Quebecor isn’t just as much of a whore.

    While they both claim to spend money on many matters they both miss, or ignore, the point. ALL THE MONEY COMES FROM US!

    And US are pissed.

  4. Sean M Says:

    This farcical desperate attack by the CBC shows a complete lack of common sense on their part. The CBC is a bully, a 1.2 billion dollar taxpayer subsidized bully that is used to living in their secretive, bunkered world where they can do and say as they please, while they spend a never ending amount of taxpayer money on their own personal witch hunts… (Mulroney, Airbus anyone?) The CBC is not used to being held accountable, and their ingrained sense of entitlement has rendered them incapable of rational thought. It’s not bad enough that the CBC is spending untold, unaccountable amounts of taxpayer money on lawyers to stay unaccountable, now they are going to cost the Canadian taxpayer even more money on a new lawsuit. How much taxpayer money is the CBC brass willing to waste on lawyers, in a futile attempt at staying unaccountable? If this proves anything, it proves that the CBC brass have a lot to hide from the people that pay their salaries. This is going to come back on them in a big way. Desperate corrupt fools.

  5. Seriously Says:

    There is plenty of room for the CBC and Sun TV. PKP should spend his money on better programming and better international news instead of feeding some of the 500 millions in government grants to his lawyers.

  6. billg Says:

    …”all the money comes from us”….
    See what happens when the OWS crowd stop the protests and start blogging again? Simply, Wow!!!

  7. Jen Says:

    People who only have access to CBC and no other media are brainwashed. I thought once upon a time that CBC was ‘the’ newscenter and that whatever they broadcasted as news was true to the last word. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought that CBC was manipulating the news to suit something or some one. which they continue to do to this very day.
    I woke up when I first read the National Post where in it a journalist wrote a disturbing article which should have been broadcasted on CBC but never did. I gave CBC a couple of days to broadcast this particular story but nothing came. At this point was when I woke up big time.
    CBC was and still is manipulating the news that’s what they have become-MANIPULATORS.
    Note: I stop reading the NP since they too have changed for the worse. Some excellent reporters still remain at NP- that’s about it.

  8. E Mac Says:

    Cut CBC funding now and be done with this lot.
    I detest them using your/my capital to fight a lawsuit to which I am not agreeable.
    You are not above the law and the Canadian populace will become the millstone around your necks.
    We are not going away.

  9. Rick Says:

    Thank you for putting that into words. Many times I have heard of a story that should Rock this country. But when I tuned in the CBC for details, they ignore, gloss over, or completely misconstrue it. Two examples were Jean Brault’s Adscam testimony story and the large citizen demonstrations against the Dione/Layton/Duceppe coalition coup in December 2008.

    I am curious to know what your example is.

    The National Post opened my eyes also.

  10. james Says:

    They have no sense of self preservation at all do they?

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