Tin-foil hat wearing Elizabeth May at it again

You’d think that any national political party leader so nutty as to scaremonger about WiFi would not have any credibility left within the media and the next conspiracy theory spouted would be ignored. Not though when it is anti-Conservative.

Green Party leader Elizabeth May went on public record in the House of Commons accusing the government of “gerrymandering” the upcoming seat distribution and in particular, her riding of Saanich-Gulf Islands. (see CBC and Posmedia)

The only thing the Conservatives could be accused of doing wrong is allowing the author (Bruce Hallsor) of this politically stupid newsletter anywhere near a campaign.


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  1. Mary T Says:

    Has the govt introduced the bill yet, I heard it would be coming this fall. But the ndp is asking that Que maintain its 24%. Did they introduce a private members bill to that effect.
    Where is the talk that Que gets 2 more seats coming from.

  2. Hans Says:

    Dean, Dean, DEAN….the tin foil hat is to capture and filter all those WiFi signals!!

    Last time I checked Saanich Gulf Islands electoral district isn’t shaped like a salamander.

    Last election Gary Lunn ran for the Conservatives, so at best Elizabeth might make the allegation of “Gary-mandering”.

    How the federalist position of 1812 Massachusetts fits in with Sanich Gulf Islands politics escapes me, but the bi-centennial of 1812 comes up next year so perhaps she is preparing to take a volley at those revolutionary Americans!!


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  3. Susann Says:

    Hey when Libby isn’t available with an anti-Harper sound bite for the Parliamentary Liberal Press Gallery, Lizzie the theologian in training cerrtainly is breathlessly waiting in the wings.

    Her magic mushroom covered Gulf Island Riding is secretly being coveted by, by, by…the opposition parties. And heavens, population growth and population migration might require Electoral Boundary’s Commission to slightly adjust the riding boundaries. Spock to Lizzie: This is a required and routine exercise between every election in the “entire” country not just your little evidently persecuted corner. Please Ms. May it is not your fiefdom just yet.

  4. Mary T Says:

    When boundries are being changed there is a process and individuals can have input into those decisions. There are numerous ads placed in all the media and they ask for anyone interested to send in their names and reasons. I know, was involved years ago, and after all that work, all those petitions, when the committee appeared in our city, to hear those reasons, only myself and one other turned up. Our request was put into place. First time I had met a former supreme court judge, who was head of the committee.
    Lizzie will have lots of time to argue her point, in an effort to keep her seat. Also, one paper thinks of those 26 new seats, 20 will go to PMSH, and if Que gets two, ndpq will win them.

  5. real conservative Says:

    RF is a form of radiation especially as the frequency increases, is it harmless? It is like asking this question: will man find out in time if GMO food and chlorinated water is good for him? I know you have to balance the benefits vs the costs but I know we haven’t always had these things in our lives. But, onto other more immediate issues such as seat distribution, I doubt that conservatives can take a seat on the Island from Lizzy, it is la la land out there no matter how you slice it.

  6. Albertaguy Says:

    I was in Ontario last weekend for a military reunion in Kingston and flew in and out of Ottawa. I decided to take a tour of the Parliament building plus was invited by my MP to sit in on question period last Monday and watch the kids play. As a Conservative I was sitting looking at the Conservative benches and Lizzie was sitting below me to my left and I heard her either make a comment or ask a question but I couldn’t understand what she said but whatever it was the Conservatives got quite a chuckle out of it. After Question Period my MP took me on a private tour and I also met quite a few MP’s in the government lounge behind the curtains you see when you watch Question Period. He also showed me where the opposition MP’s stay and he did introduce me to Peter Stouffer who was quite accommodating and friendly. He tried to give me a veterans pin but as I already had one he gave it to my MP. I also ran into Pat Martin in an elevator but other than saying hello, I ignored him.
    I realize that the world has changed when it comes to security but the level of security in the Center Block is too much in my opinion and I don’t think I could want to go through that again. Maybe I am just getting too old and cranky in my old age.

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