Yes CBC, we know John Baird…now stop it

The Conservative staffers put together an anti-bullying video featuring Conservative MPs in response to suicides by gay teens.

Of course the CBC has to feature a certain cabinet minister (see here).

3 Responses to “Yes CBC, we know John Baird…now stop it”

  1. Hunter Says:

    I thought Conservatives are not tolerant or caring, or at least that’s what CBC tells everyone. Just shows what a big tent party the Conservatives really are, while the others only allow, “progressives”. Lefties talk big, but Conservatives actually take action.

  2. Bec Says:

    Completely unplugged and completely awesome!

    I have a huge lump thinking of this young man, what he must have gone through and what all kids that are bullied, no matter the issue experience.

    Something must be done and it starts at home but finishes with the teaching profession. They want our kids warehoused earlier? Then they need to step up and show some leadership and authority. Enough of the tender tootsie form of disciple.

  3. Postmedia runs pathetic story attacking Con MPs’ anti-bullying video « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] they go looking for or give credence to “critics” of an innocent good-cause such as the anti-bully video produced by Conservative staffers featuring Conservative […]

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