Head of phony conservative group is bag-man for Liberal Party

After my earlier post on the Trojan Horse group Alberta Blue Committee led by Liberal Christie Clark backer Ken Boessenkool, I was sent an interesting email on Clark’s unseemly fundraiser in Calgary.

Turns out that Boessenkol is working as a party fundraiser for the BC Liberals:

From: Ken Boessenkool [ken.boessenkool@gcicanada.com]
Sent: October 14, 2011 9:30 AM
To: Ken Boessenkool
Cc: xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Premier Christy Clark Oct 20th Calgary Fundraising Reception
 I hope you will join me at this fundraiser for BC Premier Christy Clark.


(Apologies to those who are getting this again…)

Reception with Premier Christy Clark

You are invited to a reception with the Honourable Christy Clark, Premier of British Columbia.

October 20th, 2011
5:00 – 6:30 pm Reception

The Calgary Petroleum Club
319 Fifth Avenue South West

$500 per ticket

If you have not already done so, please email Michele.cadario@bcliberals.com to reserve tickets.

Michele Cadario

Fundraising Director BC Liberal Party

Also: See earlier post on Christie Clark’s pollster getting caught asking for Conservative Party membership lists here

Liberal supporter behind “Conservative” Blue Committee

The term wolf in sheep’s clothing or the image of a Trojan Horse come to mind with the formation of the Alberta Blue Committee led by Ken Boessenkool.

Boessenkool likes using his “conservative” pedigree to describe himself as he does on his Twitter account:

“Committed to conservative principles in government here in Alberta and across Canada”

But what he doesn’t like to showcase is his backing of hard-core Liberal Christy Clark as her leadership campaign manager which was so plainly unseemly that PM Stephen Harper forced him to quit (see here).

Boessenkool also doesn’t like to be exposed as a political opportunist as his reaction to my Tweet to the National Post’s Kevin Lebin shows:

“@kevinlibin Still no idea how Boessenkool can claim to be Conservative Blue after being Christy Clark’s campaign manager”

This conservative “uniter” reacts to me calling him out by attacking the leader of the BC Conservative Party:

“@bcbluecon Cummins went from “vote like me for the NDP” to “Vote for me and get the NDP”. Not my kind of Conservative.”

Funny that huh?

“Conservatives” like Boessenkool are the type who are committed to conservative principles unless there is a Liberal is writing the pay cheque. The test of a real Conservative is one who can’t be bought by a Liberal.


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