NDP’s Topp wants to tax the “rich”

Does anyone else find it odd that the Globe and Mail doesn’t demand NDP leadership hopeful Brian Topp explain exactly where his policy of taxing Canada’s “rich” comes in at? (see here)

I’m going to guess that it probably starts just slightly above what he makes a year which of course the Globe doesn’t bother to ask what that income level of Topp’s is.

Postmedia runs pathetic story attacking Con MPs’ anti-bullying video

A journalist should take a good look at themselves in the mirror when they go looking for or give credence to “critics” of an innocent good-cause such as the anti-bully video produced by Conservative staffers featuring Conservative MPs.

The video wasn’t put together by some high-end production team and obviously came straight from the heart of those working on it so why would Postmedia’s Thandie Fletcher find a University professor and the founder of the original concept (Dan Savage) so willing to criticize their effort?


“But it’s going to take more than a video to undo the damage done by Vic Toews and Canada’s conservatives. This was, quite literally, the least Vic and his fellow conservatives could do. The very least.”

The staffer at the beginning of the video clearly states the support is for both straight and gay people being bullied but from the response given by NDP MP Randall Garrison who is the critic for a made-up pretend ministry obviously hadn’t even watched the video:

“You can’t do these [videos] if you’re not an out, gay person.” (see here)

Nice lesson for these young people on trying to make a difference. Their participation on social issues is only wanted when they belong to a particular group or political party and no others are allowed. Kinda ironic for an anti-bullying message isn’t it?

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