NDP’s Topp wants to tax the “rich”

Does anyone else find it odd that the Globe and Mail doesn’t demand NDP leadership hopeful Brian Topp explain exactly where his policy of taxing Canada’s “rich” comes in at? (see here)

I’m going to guess that it probably starts just slightly above what he makes a year which of course the Globe doesn’t bother to ask what that income level of Topp’s is.


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  1. Anonymous Says:

    I was thinking the same thing , he is probably classified as rich in Canadian terms
    I bet he makes a **** load more money than most hardworking taxpaying middle class Canadians
    he is definitley part of the so called rich one per cent , people as rich as him don’t care if you raise thier taxes becasue well they have more money to pay it while the middle class struggles to survive and hopefully get ahead.
    Harper will kick his a%^ if he wins it

  2. bocanut Says:

    I heard Topp being interviewed yesterday and I came to the conclusion that he’s a petulant controlling hypocrite with no people skills whatsoever who is likely to reverse any gains Layton’s NDP have managed to achieve should he beat out Mulclair.
    Will he give up the presidency of the NDP to become it’s leader,or how about that cushy gig as executive director of ACTRA? Is he triple dipping anywhere else?
    Just another transparent “do as I say not as I do” leftist.

  3. Alain Says:

    He has taken an American theme that has no basis in Canada. What a party of clowns!

    • Jen Says:

      Yeah! Alain, these clowns want you to redistribute your wealth while they keep theirs.
      One day in the near future if ever the protesters do wake up, they would park it at the NDP headquarters in every province demanding that they get their fair of the NDP mps salary. And why not. Aren’t the Ndp for the little guy? Well, start delivery.Redistribute.

  4. jt Says:

    That’s ‘rich’. How much does an MP make? $157,000 base salary plus generous tax-free perks. You make that kind of coin? You think you’re paying high taxes to pay this clown’s salary? Sure tax the ‘rich’, tax yourselves while you’re at it. The more of that high salary you send back to the ones who pay your salary in the first place, the better, eh?
    Some of the 308 might like to whisper in this idiots ear about what he’s proposing.

  5. Jen Says:

    Tax the rich Topp and watch how fast they moved their money out of canada.
    Topp wants to tax the rich, well then lets start with his unions’ big shot and ceos who take union dues from the ‘little guy’
    Tax the CBC where canadian taxpayers’ money pay into and where big bosses and friends take huge bonuses paid for by the taxpers.
    Then tax NDP mps who make over $150.000 a year- double or even triple the salary which most canadians cant make.
    What the wealthy environmentalists ceos who make millions.
    How many wealthy rich NDPers mps are around?
    Tax the rich huh!

  6. Mary T Says:

    I wonder if Topps has ever filled out a T1 General tax return, especially the Sch 1. They are talking about how much is lost due to union dues and other things being deducted, I remember when all those items in the non refundable total were 100% deducted from taxable income, plus x amt/child. Now you get 15% deducted.
    Who is rich, will the T1 now come with stickers saying you are or are not rich.
    Will rich be decided on gross income, earned income or taxable income.
    There are 4 tax brackets, 15%, 22%, 26% and 29%
    15% on taxable income up to 40,970, 22% on taxable income over 40,970 up to 81,941. 26% on taxable income over 81,941 up to 127,021.
    and finally 29% on anything over 127,021.
    But, you also pay the base amount on all those limits if you are over 127,021, and that is 26,880, plus 29% on the rest.
    Then you have to figure in provincial taxes on top of all that.
    So, taxable income up to 40,970 would be 6146.00, Base for the 26% ifs 15,159, plus 26% on the rest,
    Wonder if he would eliminate the tax free allowance that MPs get.
    Maybe he would make major changes to the MPs pension plan and relocation allowance when they are fired.
    Or how about one must serve x number of terms, not years, before being eligible for that pension.
    One thing we can be happy for is that most govt mps, and other govt union workers are ineligible for the OAS as their pension pymts exceed the limit. You should hear the shocked cries from them when they come and inquire about it.

  7. joseph Says:

    Topp’s comments I believe are intended to give credibility to someone else running for the NDP leadership.
    He says something extreme, the media takes its eyes off of the otehr contenders in the race, mostly Mulcair.
    We have to remember that unless the NDP can be percieved as reasonable to at least 50% of the liberal party membership, there will be no merger.
    This is a performance of good-cop bad-cop.
    Also remember that before becoming an NDP federally, Mulcair was in Jean Charest’s caucus. All I can recall over his leaving the QLP was there was some bad blood between him and Charest, with claims that Thomas wasn’t a team player.

  8. gary Says:

    Where was he when Jack and Olivia gorged at the public trough with 2 MP paycheck and no kids or mortgage .
    Why the sudden moral compass to go after jack’s gold-plated pension and salary when it would have been taken more seriously when he a Olivia were screwing tha tax payers along with Libby Davies and thei Convicted theif Svend Robinson that supplemented his income with a $60’000.00 he was caught stealing.
    Go after the deadwood at the CBC and Public Unions or CAW where two spouses rake in $80k each and yet cry poor for bail-outs.

  9. Mary T Says:

    Didn’t Mulcair sue for something and get around 180,000 from the liberal party. And he expects Que liberals to vote for him.

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