Star joins Postmedia in running pathetic story attacking Con MPs’ anti-bullying video

Tim Harper of the Toronto Star joins Thandi Fletcher of Postmedia in a disgusting attempt to take an innocent effort and turn it into an anti-Conservative angle (see here).

Same as Fletcher, Harper uses Dan Savage as a source denouncing the Conservatives but absent in both stories were Savage’s prior statements of extreme violence:

“I wish the Republicans were all ****ing dead.”

“Carl Romanelli should be dragged behind pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope.”

But that of course would have gotten in the way of these hit-pieces and shown who the real hypocrites were.

CTV’s Oliver gets a pass from other journos on unethical past

It’s been a week since CTV’s Craig Oliver’s book came out and with it, the stunning self-admission that his journalistic integrity was compromised by his personal relationships with Pierre Trudeau and other Liberals but not a word of condemnation from anyone in the Ottawa Press Gallery.

Check out this bizarre contradiction from Oliver in this CP/CTV article titled “Craig Oliver unveils moving new memoir“:

“It seems that reporters now regard building a personal relationship with people in power, in politics or in opposition, is somehow unethical. I’m with that now myself, “I don’t believe it is. I think there’s lots of value in it and I think it creates a mutual respect that isn’t there any more, either way.”

“He admits that he may have overdone it in his relationships with the powerful, including Trudeau, former Liberal cabinet minister Allan Rock and legendary Liberal backroomer Eddie Goldenberg.”

Huh, Oliver agrees with other journos that it’s unethical but then immediately says “I don’t believe it is”?! What kind of convoluted thought process is it in which one would immediately self-contradict their own previous sentence?

I guess the same one shared by all those in the Press Gallery who won’t touch Oliver.

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