Quebec to get 3 more seats?!

Most of the media are reporting that the Conservative government will include 3 additional seats to an already overly represented Quebec in its announcement tomorrow (see here).

Will any BC, Ontario or Alberta MPs stand up and speak out against this latest Quebec pandering off the backs of their own constituents?

Citizen’s McGregor is posting 7 million gun registry records on-line

Check out this curious Tweet from the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor:

“I’m working on a way to post my copy of the 7 million records in the gun registry via @buzzdata. Hope to have it available to all soon”

Apparently he obtained a copy through the RCMP data base and is saying he will now post it on-line to thwart the efforts of the Conservatives from scrubbing the files clean after the Gun Registry is scrapped.

Update: See his blog post on it here

Manning doesn’t believe in democracy now that he’s backing the Liberals

How Preston Manning, the former leader of Reform can advocate for a limited political party participation system is beyond comprehension.

Manning has come out supporting the BC Liberals as an “advisor” under hard-core federal Liberal Christy Clark and is telling voters to not vote for the BC Conservatives due to the phony and nonsensical “vote-splitting” argument (see here).

Sad to see someone who once championed choice in the political spectrum now wanting us here in BC only be able to decide between the Liberals and NDP.

Makes you wonder what the pay-off was from Christy Clark doesn’t it?

NP runs “balanced” column to condemn Con MPs’ anti-bullying video

Just when you think there is still hope for the National Post after reading Chris Selley’s piece (see here) which completely tears apart the idiotic and hypocritical criticisms from the anti-Conservative Ottawa Press Gallery members and their cohorts, they print this by John Moore.

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