Citizen’s McGregor is posting 7 million gun registry records on-line

Check out this curious Tweet from the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor:

“I’m working on a way to post my copy of the 7 million records in the gun registry via @buzzdata. Hope to have it available to all soon”

Apparently he obtained a copy through the RCMP data base and is saying he will now post it on-line to thwart the efforts of the Conservatives from scrubbing the files clean after the Gun Registry is scrapped.

Update: See his blog post on it here


33 Responses to “Citizen’s McGregor is posting 7 million gun registry records on-line”

  1. Stan Says:

    So the bikers will know where to steal guns?

  2. Anonymous Says:

    I hope “The Citizen” knows what a can of worms he’s about to open….at least this should put the last nail in their coffin….can we say class action suit….publishing confidential govt data is treason isn’t it?

  3. L Says:

    who will charge him with theft?

  4. L Says:

    The fact that he has access to the database is very scary, For that reason alone, the database should be torched.

  5. Blame Crash Says:

    The criminal element will have a hay day with this information.
    If they need a firearm, they only have to check Glen’s / Ottawa Journal gun registry and then bash there way in the resident and proceed to viciously assault all the occupants with a hammer until they give up the key and combination to the gun safe. After they obtain “their” firearms they’ll have nothing to lose so that’s when they’ll rape all the young girls in the house. On the way out the door they’ll undoubtedly put a bullet in everyone’s head. Again, they have nothing to lose by that point.
    But don’t you worry about any of that Glen! You’re a journalist! You’ll always get a free pass from your fellow fraudsters. But do be aware. It’s that’s that age old “what goes around, comes around” thingy that you’ll have to be heads up about.

    • BC Blue Says:

      McGregor is saying he will be posting “w/o personal info”

      • Blame Crash Says:

        So he’s getting all wobbly kneed already eh!
        I’m thinking that this was just a big stunt from the beginning? Or perhaps someone clued him into the dire ramifications that this would bring to him and his employer.
        This is a prime example of why I can’t stomach buying or supporting the media in any way shape or form. These people just reek me out.
        Once-upon-a-time I was a big consumer of the media, but now the closest I get to these types and their BS, is through blog posts like this one and that’s the way I want to keep it

      • Tony Says:

        So what is left to post if the information is w/o personal info? Postal codes, addresses? There are people who registered their firearms legally who live in very small, remote areas where they are the only people in that postal code area, not hard to figure out who it is. This fool has no right to publish sensitive information that could put someone in danger who has done nothing wrong except to follow the law and register their firearms. When will people figure out that the people registering them aren’t the criminals?

  6. Paul M Says:

    How the hell would a journalist get a copy of the registry data?????

  7. Bec Says:

    Is this guy nuts? He’s about to have 7 million duck and recreational gun owners very motivated to find themselves a lawyer.

    I also completely agree with L @ 7:19pm. He has now proven what a complete farce this registry is.

    To bad it’s not this easy for the rest of us to get FOI about CBC hey? 😉

  8. Paul M Says:

    I was under the impression that the records of law abiding firearm owners were kept confidential by the Federal government. I guess I was wrong; it seems for a fee, any gang member, mobster or even worse, journalist can gain access to my home address. Wonderful; Trigger locks are coming off tonight.

  9. Alberta Girl Says:

    who will charge him with husband for publishing confidential info!

  10. Sean M Says:

    This a-hole “Liberal” activist better lawyer up. Although, seeing as macGregor is a “Liberal”, he’s used to breaking the law and getting away with it. Still, if he goes through with his activist stunt, he better lawyer up.

  11. wilson Says:

    from the RCMP website re: the Gun Registry:

    ‘…The Privacy Act provides citizens with the right to access their personal information held by the Government of Canada and protection of that information against unauthorized use and disclosure.’

    An access to information request can only be made, in writing, to
    the RCMP specific or the Treasury Board.
    There is NO cost.
    So WHO gave him the list , if he actually has one ???

  12. Alex Says:

    Exactly why the damned thing was a bad idea. I hope those people get together and sue.

  13. Liz J Says:

    Who does this vengeful Liberal journo-activist think he’s punishing by threatening to do such a thing? He’s really crying out for attention, it’s time he grew up.

  14. Michael Harkov Says:

    People with long guns were saying that this exact sort of thing was something that they feared would come to pass with the advent of the registry. And now, ironically, it is with it’s last gasp that the whole registry is blown wide open and proven 100% the farce that it is.

  15. Jen Says:

    Don’t be suprised that he is kidding us so that he can read our reaction which I don’t think it’s funny.
    Any gun owner here should call the police to investigate one’s privacy is not being devulge to any newspaper or journalist. I would mention Macgregor’s intentions of revealing names.

  16. Fay Says:

    I read this spring that his family has long been supporters and worked for the NDP. This all came out after he wrote a column attacking Brian Lilley’s wife for being a stay at home Mom.
    Then he spent 3 weeks in Winnipeg before our provincial election to cover up for Manitoba’s NDP. Since when did the Winnipeg Free Press care about about the truth when supporting the re- election of a NDP government.

    • Jen Says:

      I do not know much of Winnipeg’s NDP gov. Fay. but they don’t strike me that severe of party to go so far as to put moratorium on W. goods etc as the fed ndp intentions are to do so and not only that kill the oilsands, revive the Kyoto, protectionism and so on.

      • Fay Says:

        Looks like our NDP government is going have a provincial wheat board in Manitoba now. All manitoba farmers will be mandated to only sell to Wheat board. No choice for Manitoba farmers.

  17. SDC Says:

    This tool and his paper ALREADY posted this info, back in 2007. The RCMP gave them a copy of this info (minus names, addresses and phone numbers; not that that made it very difficult to figure out who owned what in your given postal code) when it looked like it was going to get the chop back then, and they put it all on-line. This scumbag also trolled the gun-friendly Canadian websites, making it look like he was going to do a favourable story on gun ownership, and came out with a hatchet job.

  18. Allan Wood Says:

    I had a conversation with him yesterday on Twitter. The data he has does not contain personal information like names and addresses. The only descriptor information would be the first two digits of the postal code. This would provide only province/region and whether rural or urban location information. Not sure what his feelings about the registry are. This publishing of the desensitized data seems to be a test of the destruction provisions in bill C-19.

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  20. james Says:

    227 million dollars for a database with 7 million records in it is absolutely astounding. I write software for a living so I know that’s a boat load of cash. Someone made off like a bandit on that one.

  21. Anonymous Says:

    This guy just proved why the registry shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

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