NP runs “balanced” column to condemn Con MPs’ anti-bullying video

Just when you think there is still hope for the National Post after reading Chris Selley’s piece (see here) which completely tears apart the idiotic and hypocritical criticisms from the anti-Conservative Ottawa Press Gallery members and their cohorts, they print this by John Moore.


2 Responses to “NP runs “balanced” column to condemn Con MPs’ anti-bullying video”

  1. Alain Says:

    The National Post began its downward slide following the departure of Lord Black. It now seens to be in a race with itself to see how fast it can reach the bottom.

  2. Liz J Says:

    Disappointing but not surprising to read this junk in the NP, they’re under one ownership, it’s a monopoly of sorts in the newsprint industry. Opinion aside, balance is what we desire, we also want truth in reporting.

    The Left are not happy the Conservatives, in all sincerity, have taken away one of the tools they use against them,that they’re intolerant homophobes. There will be more pathetic attacks as the desperation rises to new levels among the Liberal/Left/Media Party hacks, let them go nuts as this Conservative government continues with it’s mandate for the next four years.

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