Quebec to get 3 more seats?!

Most of the media are reporting that the Conservative government will include 3 additional seats to an already overly represented Quebec in its announcement tomorrow (see here).

Will any BC, Ontario or Alberta MPs stand up and speak out against this latest Quebec pandering off the backs of their own constituents?


11 Responses to “Quebec to get 3 more seats?!”

  1. Mary T Says:

    I hope that is not true, if it is they will get my vote next election, but not one cent of my money.

  2. Fay Says:

    I hope the reports are wrong also.

  3. johndoe124 Says:

    Why would Canadians allow over representation of the most corrupt and dysfunctional province in the country? If anyone should be over represented it’s the “have” provinces who are paying their bills.

  4. wilson Says:

    Yes they got it wrong…

    Ontario gets 15 (not 13)
    BC gets 6 (not 5)
    Ab gets 6 yah!
    Quebec gets 3 (not 2 or 4)

    Looks like 20+ more Conservative ridings to me!

  5. Martin Says:

    Can’t help noting that USA with 10 times our population, and a more diverified area, is limited to 435 voting seats in the House of Representatives. Add about 100 Senate seats and congress totals 535 legislaters.
    If Canada simply increases seats as poulation grow, they will eventually have more legislaters than the US.
    There are already too many MPs, with too little to do. As the number grows, so grows the Cabinet, salaries, pensions, expenditures..
    What is really needed is a formula that redistributes seats from over represented provinces, to ones growing in population. Fat chance of that ever happening, but it should.

  6. Mary T Says:

    Let us sit back and look at this another way, the ndp can’t take credit for the hst pymt, the 3 seats, the bridge. Could all this catering to Que be a slap in the face to the ndp. Corruption in the construction industry could be a factor in no shipbuilding contract, not the federal govt.
    Where will those 3 seats be located, in areas that have elected conservatives, maybe we should wait to see the end game.
    Ont to get 18 seats, where will they be. AB it doesn’t matter, there are no strong liberal or ndp ridings, except Linda’s and what if that is reduced in area with strong conservative areas added.

  7. James Says:

    According to the numbers in in the National Post, Quebec represents 23.22% of the population, while BC & Alberta combined represent 24.31. Quebec will now have 78 seats, to 76 for the two western-most provinces. Nice to know that Quebec, the only province of the four largest in Canada that isn’t under-represented in the Commons, can veto the West at will in the name of fairness and compromise.

    I sure hope Quebec is pleased with the government, because someone over there is going to have to make up the donations to the Tories that I will no longer be making.

  8. James Wolfe Says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. The country is heavily in debt, we are heading into a double dip recession in the new year and what is this so called “conservative” government doing? Well why not spend a fortune and ad more seats to the house of commons, yes indeed, more MP salaries, expensive staff, expensive offices, more pensions…more money flushed down the toilet yearly. This will cost the taxpayers millions upon millions more yearly. Just sickening!!!

    Here is some free advice idiots. Reduce the amount of seats where the provinces are over represented such as Kebec. This fixes the problem without costing a fortune. No need to cost country a fortune and ad all these new seats. Its pretty simple, reduce the amount of seats in certain provinces and in turn the provinces now underrepresented will be represented properly. Rep by pop!!! No more new seats, especially for Kebec, they are over represented already.

    We have enough politicians already costing us way too much money. Think dummies, think!!! Stop wasting our money!!!

  9. truckley Says:

    None of the above possible le. Can’t take away seats. Only way to be fair is to expand. Get it? Get over it. I would rather spend 100 million on democracy than 100 million on adscam or 500 million on cancelling a helicopter deal, or 500 million on cancelling the Toronto airport deal, or a billion on the ei deal OR SHAWINIGANGATE or ?

  10. Frances Says:

    The bigger issue is PEI’s four seats which can NEVER be reduced. Given that perpetual imbalance, there is no way population variation can be addressed by taking away seats from lower-population provinces and giving them to higher-population provinces.

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