CBC caught lying about Rob Ford 911 call

To start off, I’m not going to completely defend Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s response to the CBC’s 22 Minutes stunt pulled in his driveway as I think he over-reacted but the CBC was completely in the wrong for confronting him on his property in the first place.

To make matters even worse, the CBC are now reporting that 911 dispatch “sources” are saying that Ford was abusive and swore:

‘Sources say Ford turned on the dispatcher, yelling: “You … bitches! Don’t you f–king know? I’m Rob f–king Ford, the mayor of this city!”’  (see here)

Problem is that this was not true according to this Globe article:

A police source said the mayor got impatient and called the 9-1-1 service a second time and got into a heated discussion with the dispatchers.

The source, who is familiar with the events, disagreed however with a CBC Radio report that said Mr. Ford had used profanities in his discussion with the dispatcher. (see here)

This is extremely serious on two fronts. Did someone in the Toronto Police Union leak personal and private information to the CBC and if they did, did the CBC not confirm it before running the story?

Also: Check out the CBC running a ridiculous poll asking if Ford should apologize to the 911 operator here

Update: The Toronto Sun is also reporting that the CBC ran a false story here


51 Responses to “CBC caught lying about Rob Ford 911 call”

  1. Bec Says:

    What part don’t you completely defend?

    From my perspective, this is entirely a case of fight/flight and as well completely understandable.

    We have a person leaving his home with a child that is confronted by the arrogance of a CBC team who are bound and determined to create a gotcha moment in front of his child and possibly neighbours. The adrenaline must have been firing on ALL cylinders.

    I don’t care what political stripe could have applied because I would side with anyone facing this perception of threat and embarrassment at a private setting.

    • BC Blue Says:

      By the time he had called the police he knew full well that it was a camera crew.

      • badbeta Says:

        Let’s see, she comes on his property waving a faux weapon, blocked off his vehicle and you think he overreacted because she came with a camera crew. I don’t think so. I think he should have punched her lights out. Questions come after she is under control.
        Who the hell knows who she is, maybe the camera crew was there to record her snuff movie. It all happened very quickly and under the circumstances….his reaction IMHO was very restrained.
        We have RCMP that killed a man for holding up a stapler. I think she deserves at least a beating for the sword alone camera or no camera.

      • Bec Says:

        Yes perhaps but we are talking about mere minutes of chaos, not being allowed to leave, attempts to get in his vehicle, a TON of adrenaline and possibly a frantic little girl.

        Calling 911 may have been an over reaction but we are all human and during a moment like this I believe it’s like an out of body rush.

        • Ottawa Jeff Says:

          Did you watch the actual video of this? An an out of body rush? Really?
          Ford didn’t look afraid at all. Hew was calm and even smiled at first. Bottom line is he just wanted her to go away and then lost his cool when it didn’t happen fast enough.
          None of this episode is pretty, but please don’t pretend it was a life and death situation. It wasn’t and that’s completely obvious from the video.

      • The Phantom Says:

        A camera crew? Doing what, exactly? Other than trespassing and scaring the kids of course.
        And of course the presence of a -camera- means that nothing bad could happen with the sword-waving insane woman, right?
        Has it not penetrated with you that media people -never- go after politicians at home? They never do it. The particularly don’t charge up people’s driveways shouting “We got you!!”

        CAlling the cops is the least of what these morons should have expected.

  2. Brian Says:

    Can you imagine if SunTV had a similar program to CBC 22 Minutes and they accosted Michael Bryant after his “accident” in the same manner ?

    EVERY media voice would be howling … but of course it is ok to accost right wing politicians , especially those who are trying to clean up a “Miller Mess”.

  3. Fay Says:

    Not surprised CBC is lying to discredit a democratically elected Mayor.
    i don’t believe anything the CBC reports mow.

  4. The Grey Lady Says:

    you can’t even mention Micky Iggy’s family (to clear up a lie he told to the press) and it is in super bad poor taste, but you can show up at RF’s private house, in the early morning, while he is escorting his daughter out and it is all good??


  5. morleybolero Says:

    Haha. If Ezra and his clown brigade had done something like this to a Liberal, you goofs would be applauding and wondering why the lefties are so thin skinned.

    • Bec Says:

      I can tell you right now, I would not and most people on these boards would not support Ezra going on a private/public citizen’s property where their family dwells, dressed like a warrior, wielding a sword.

      You see, that’s the difference, we are consistent with our outrage when it applies to RESPECT!

    • james Says:

      Can I come over to your house to talk about it?

  6. Al the Fish Says:


    Ezra Levant did take a camera crew down to CBC HQ in TO in an attempt to interview anyone willing to discuss the CBC’s Access to Information Requests denials. He was told by security to leave, because he was trespassing on “private property.” Talking about thin skinned, the public broadcaster claiming to be “private.” I guess if you are a card carrying Liberal, you get a pass into their “private” club.

    Bottom line, the CBC are hypocrites.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Yes, and so are these CBC trolls…clueless and uncaring about facts when they throw out stupid statements like “if Levant did it…”

    • Jen Says:

      Trepassing on private poperty? That’s a joke. We OWN OWN OWN CBC therefore anyone who wants to walk in for an interview is no business of CBC to shut out those owners(taxpayers).

  7. billg Says:

    Well, Ezra wouldnt, and, didnt, so, by your own admission there is only one “clown brigade” and it is the CBC…and of course you. Next.

  8. E Mac Says:

    Good reply. Always the left-wing loons who will support their ilk.
    And you wonder why you are on the political sidelines for perhaps…10 or 12 years for instance.
    If you can’t understand that (which obviously you can’t) you just may be out permanently (lose party status) next election and it is well deserved.
    Oh, the humanity!

  9. Harlequin Says:

    “The source, who is familiar with the events, disagreed however with a CBC Radio report that said Mr. Ford had used profanities in his discussion with the dispatcher. ”

    Rob Ford admitted this morning to using profanities, so perhaps this Police Official is wrong.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Ya right, try again…

      • John Says:

        What do you mean? He just admitted it. Are you now saying the Ford must by lying?

        • BC Blue Says:

          Are you intentionally this obtuse or just stupid?

        • John Says:

          Possibly both, so it would be great if you could clear things up.

          You said “ya right, try again…” in response to some one who confirmed that Ford had in fact admitted using profanity, thus confirming at least part of CBC’s story, and therefore strongly calling into question the Globe and Mail’s source who claimed that this didn’t happen at all.

          So I’m asking to to explain what you mean by “ya right”

          Are you saying “yeah, right, even though Ford admitted swearing, he didn’t.”

          Sorry, who’s obtuse here?

        • BC Blue Says:

          Not big on allowing trolls free reign on here BTW

    • Liz J Says:

      Bullcrap. One report says Ford said he did use the “f” word out of frustration but it wasn’t directed at anyone. This is a case of the CBC and media bullies trying to switch the blame. They were the one’s who were out of order trespassing on the private property of a public figure AND his family. They were completely out of order no matter what Ford is alleged to have said to them. Someone else who is out of order is the 911 dispatcher who passed this on to the CBC, if indeed this is factual information from the CBC clowns we pay dearly to carry on.

  10. dmorris Says:

    We live in dangerous times,and politicians like Rob Ford have received death threats. When a sword-wielding person comes at a politician while yelling,”we’re gonna get you”,the pol has every reason to be alarmed.

    As for CBC style arrogance,Walsh assumed she’s SO famous Ford would instantly recognize her. With CBC’s dismal share of viewers,I doubt if most Canadians would recognise ANY of the cast of “22 Minutes”. I certainly wouldn’t.

    Justin Bieber,she ain’t.

  11. Ottawa Jeff Says:

    Seems there’s lots of lying going on here.
    Didn’t Mr. Ford tell journalists that he was with his daughter? She is not in the video.
    Was she already in the van? Did Ford leave her unattended and apparently terrified in his vehicle while he was inside calling 9-1-1?
    Or was the scared daughter he was supposed to be worried about in the house the whole time listening to him swear at 9-1-1 operators, which he now admits doing?

  12. harebell Says:

    “Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has admitted that he used profanity but denies he swore at 9-1-1 dispatchers….”
    So you can make a phone call to someone, use profanity but it isn’t swearing at them? In a one on one call using any profanity is swearing at the other person. I’m not saying it isn’t excusable but I do have a hard time separating the two out in such an event.
    Also considering how relaxed and calm he was when he was in front of the camera with Xena, the fact that he swore while talking to a city employee off camera illustrates a bullying attitude towards a subordinate.
    This so obviously a case of inventing a rationale to excuse an acknowledged excessive response to an innocent party after the fact.

  13. bocanut Says:

    Ya think Mary Walsh (who left 22 minutes in 2004) was trying to get even with Rob Ford for dissin’ her good buddy Margie Attwood and using the taxpayers buck to do it?

  14. Jen Says:

    When Chretien put his hand around someone’s throat, CBC didn’t run it on television nor did any reporter or some comedian appear at his residence to demand why he tried to choke someone.
    Can you run that tape again or for that show other photos of chretien’s hand someone’s throat.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    The CBC owes Ford 2 apologies, one for accosting him in his own driveway then lying about his 2nd phone call. The CBC left any semblance of integrity and good journalism behind when they chose to public and unverified piece of 911 departmental gossip.

  16. Anonymous Says:

    I wouldn’t have recognized her, and who cares if they have cameras – so do thousands of journalism students and activist groups and who knows who else? With a politician so mistreated in the press, with death threats a reality he and his staff must have to deal with, she’s lucky she’s not in hospital. Reports now are that his daughter can be heard screaming in the background of the 911 call. If it were me, if my daughter were freaking out, and if I genuinely didn’t know who they were, I’d have pulled out a tire iron and let them have it. Then they could apologize for their terrorizing of my 6 year daughter from the little air holes in the casts on their heads. I have no sympathy for the CBC in this case – get off my lawn and get away from my child. The only apology we should be hearing is from the CBC.

  17. esarsea Says:

    Wow…slow news day?

    Let’s face it, news organizations are for-profit businesses in the entertainment industry. They generate revenue by selling advertising, and their income is dependant on the number of viewers.

    Ever see this one? Classic example of how the truth (and the news) comes second to the almighty dollar.

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  19. Chris Vogel Says:

    Poor Toronto. They have a mayor with the mental age of 14 and a police force with a history of manipulation, deviousness and dishonesty. Worse than Montreal?

  20. ok4ua Says:

    He’s a biggoted not very bright person.

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  22. Dale Stone Says:

    CBC caught lying about Rob Ford 911 call

    I take exception to your title. The CBC spoke to some anonymous sources who told the CBC reporter what they heard. The CBC then reported on it. If what the CBC was told was incorrect, that does not mean they were lying.

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