CBC’s story on Rob Ford’s 911 call proved false

Toronto Police Chief William Blair has put out a press release (see here) stating that not only did Mayor Rob Ford not use the word “bitches” during his 911 call, there has been no complaints by the operators involved.

There is now a huge plate of crow to be shared by a lot of people (that includes you, Warren Kinsella) across Canada including at the CBC for their false article. Not only did they allow this personal attack dressed up as news to run in the first place, they doubled down by backing their “sources”:

“There were multiple sources who gave us information about the 911 call. We have re-confirmed with our sources and they stand behind what they have told us.”

Will heads now roll at MotherCorp?

CBC refuses to remove “false & malicious info” about Quebecor

The CBC isn’t backing down from its bizarre press release on Sun News and its parent company Quebecor which has in turn threatened legal action.

Since there is no real accountability on how the CBC spends taxpayers’ money, there isn’t really a downside nor threat to the CBC brass’ jobs who are willing to waste our money in what will assuredly be a very expensive lawsuit. (see here)

Moronic campaign by another Senator with too much free time

For those who only think that the Liberals have cornered the market on asinine Senators who obviously have no business being a part of Canada’s Parliamentary system, check out the idiotic campaign from Nicole Eaton who wants the beaver replaced by the polar bear as our national symbol.

Keep in mind that she is married into the Eaton family whose department store chain went bankrupt in 1999 (although the Eaton’s made off with almost $500 million) and is a well-known “arts socialite” who was appointed by Stephen Harper to be a director on the money-gathering Conservative Fund of Canada.

Her brother, Marc Courtois is the Chairman of Canada Post and her bio reads that “Following my marriage to Thor Eaton, I devoted my time to raising two children and volunteerism in the community”.

Harper should have left her at what she does best.

Citizen’s McGregor doesn’t mention threat to post Gun Registry info online

The Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor apparently hasn’t followed through with putting the 7 million Canadian gun registers’ information on-line (see here) as there is no reference of it in his latest article titled “Deleting files a costly job, expert warns“.

Cold feet or has he just not figured out how to do it yet?

Update: McGregor just emailed me to say that he posted this Gun Registry info on-line at Buzzdata Thursday

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