Still no apology from CBC to Rob Ford

A day after the CBC was exposed for lying about the content of the 911 call Toronto mayor Rob Ford made, they still haven’t issued an apology.

The only thing that they have put out so far is this article which I noticed them changing the wording where they said that these sources were anonymous. I stupidly didn’t make a screen shot prior to it being wiped clean minutes later, replaced with the current wording where only the Toronto Police Chief refers to the sources in that way.

For a very good read on this, check out the Sun’s Joe Warmington article here in which he tears apart the journalistic ethics used by the CBC and calls for them to produce the evidence that the mayor and police chief are lying and if not:

“the head of the CBC news, the producers who signed off on it and the reporter should all be removed”

Couldn’t agree more.


20 Responses to “Still no apology from CBC to Rob Ford”

  1. Alain Says:

    Stating now that their sources were anonymous actually makes them more guilty, since responsible news reporting requires confirmation of the information prior to reporting it. Otherwise it is gossip rather than news.

  2. Powell Lucas Says:

    Since it now turns out that this was a story that was not true, and since the CBC has presented it as fact and broadcast it to the nation, I would suggest that Mr. Ford join the long line of organizations that are suing the Canadian Bolshevist Corporation.

  3. david Says:

    that are suing the Canadian Bolshevist Corporation…..What do they care?(CBC) It is our money they will use to fight lawsuits,and our money they will use to pay any settlement..In my view pulling the plug and letting them sink or swim on their own is the only solution.

  4. Mary T Says:

    A new headline for the National -all the lies and gossip of the day, That might get their viewership up. 97% of canadians don’t watch 22 minutes, what %age don’t watch their nightly gossip session,

  5. Fred Litwin Says:

    The Biases of the CBC
    November 13, 2011, 2 PM
    Library & Archives Canada, 395 Wellington

    Please join us for our first self-produced documentary which examines whether the CBC is biased against Israel and biased against conservatives. After the film, we will have a panel discussion with Mike Fegelman of HonestReporting Canada, Stephen Taylor of the NCC, Brian Lilley of Sun News, Eric Duhaime from the Le Journal de Montreal, and David Krayden from the Canadian Centre for Policy Studies.

    This event is part of the 2nd Annual Free Thinking Film Festival which runs between November 11-13th, 2011.

    For more information, please visit

    Admission to this event is just $15! Or you can buy a festival pass for $75 and see all the events in the Festival.

    This event is co-sponsored by Le Réseau Liberté-Québec.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Wow, some very impressive endorsements on your website

      • Jen Says:

        It is a shame that we out here in the west will not have that opportunity to hear the ‘impressive guests’- hopefully Stephen Taylor carries it ‘live’ on his site.

        Bet you, numerous of cbc ‘sources’ anonymous’ spies are there- not that I wouldn’t mind.

    • curious Says:

      How interesting. Who is on the panel representing the CBC?

  6. Jen Says:

    Imagine if any of us placed an emergency 911 call and the cbc found out that it was any of us conservatives, you can just imagine what they will do us live on national television.
    CBC is a vicious nasty place- CBC ‘sources’ are all imaginary.
    It is no wonder they can’t produce one and since the word source didn’t work or wasn’t effective; so now CBC is using ‘anonymous’.
    Who or what else is CBC going to invent?

  7. Jen Says:

    The damage is already been done to the tpsa dispacher and Ford. the fake story is already out there and now that cbc is caught lying CBC without an ounce of remorse or apology can make all sorts of excuses… oops it wasn’t me …didn’t know, sort of tactics.
    CBC are like the liberals, if they make any attempt to apology it sounds defeat to them so they remain unremorseful and very cold.

  8. Charmaine Stack Says:

    Please Prime Minister Harper, defund the CBC. Thank You.

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  10. Seriously Says:

    Rob Ford should simply release the 911 tapes. Steven Harper needs a laugh.

    • curious Says:

      My thoughts exactly. Release the tapes rather than relying on second hand assertions and the spectre of backroom deals and intimidation. No matter what, if the tapes aren’t released it will look bad on Ford.

  11. Stan Says:

    Ford doesn’t have to prove his innocence, the CBC has to prove their accusations.
    Or withdraw them and apologize.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Not at the CBC and rest of the Ford hating media

    • curious Says:

      Ford can put this to rest by releasing the tapes. He has already admitted to saying ****, and frankly, no one cares. Imagine how red-faced the CBC will be if he did not say b*tch at all. Release the tapes, Rob.

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