Campaign for CBC Ombudsman to get involved in Rob Ford smear

As the CBC has now tripled-down (see here) on not backing away from its smear campaign against Rob Ford, there is a limited number of ways for them to be forced to apologize and remove those responsible.

One would be the obvious lawsuit which I highly doubt Ford wishes to push as it will only keep this attack in the spotlight and as I’ve said before, since we are the ones paying the legal bills at the CBC, there is no accountability or punishment for those who would waste our money in this manner.

A lengthy expensive court case would ensue where the CBC would run biased stories every day (aided by their media cohorts) finally ending in a private deal made with Ford and no admission of guilt from the CBC. It’s just way too obvious how it would all play out.

The 2nd possible solution would be getting the CBC Ombudsman involved. After seeing how the Ombudsman is so quick to get involved with complaints on Don Cherry or Kevin O’Leary it’s my hope to turn the tables and start utilizing the same tactic.  This method is not easily ignored.

Here is the CBC’s policy:


Double Sourcing

Our commitment to accuracy and integrity means we try where possible to verify the information with a second source. And there may be times when more than two sources are required.

Our stories are based on information we have verified. Wherever possible, our stories use first hand, identifiable sources- participants in an event or authenticated documents.

The importance of second sourcing is influenced by the nature and quality of the primary source.

If the primary source is confidential, we will, to the best of our ability, attempt to verify the accuracy of the information through independent corroboration.

We will refer any decision to publish a story based on a single confidential source to the Director

So please, write to the CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe (here) and file a complaint making sure you copy the message to the minister in charge of the CBC, James Moore here and PM Stephen Harper here.

Enough is enough.

Will CBC’s Kady have time for Climategate II?

Curious if the CBC’s Kady O’Malley can be pulled away from her gig texting for the Postmedia owned Ottawa Citizen long enough to look into the latest climate warming scandal? (see here)

You’ll remember Adrian MacNair confronting O’Malley on the CBC TV show, Power and Politics about wilfully ignoring Climategate the first time around (see here) which was MacNair’s first and last appearance on CBC.

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