Campaign for CBC Ombudsman to get involved in Rob Ford smear

As the CBC has now tripled-down (see here) on not backing away from its smear campaign against Rob Ford, there is a limited number of ways for them to be forced to apologize and remove those responsible.

One would be the obvious lawsuit which I highly doubt Ford wishes to push as it will only keep this attack in the spotlight and as I’ve said before, since we are the ones paying the legal bills at the CBC, there is no accountability or punishment for those who would waste our money in this manner.

A lengthy expensive court case would ensue where the CBC would run biased stories every day (aided by their media cohorts) finally ending in a private deal made with Ford and no admission of guilt from the CBC. It’s just way too obvious how it would all play out.

The 2nd possible solution would be getting the CBC Ombudsman involved. After seeing how the Ombudsman is so quick to get involved with complaints on Don Cherry or Kevin O’Leary it’s my hope to turn the tables and start utilizing the same tactic.  This method is not easily ignored.

Here is the CBC’s policy:


Double Sourcing

Our commitment to accuracy and integrity means we try where possible to verify the information with a second source. And there may be times when more than two sources are required.

Our stories are based on information we have verified. Wherever possible, our stories use first hand, identifiable sources- participants in an event or authenticated documents.

The importance of second sourcing is influenced by the nature and quality of the primary source.

If the primary source is confidential, we will, to the best of our ability, attempt to verify the accuracy of the information through independent corroboration.

We will refer any decision to publish a story based on a single confidential source to the Director

So please, write to the CBC Ombudsman Kirk LaPointe (here) and file a complaint making sure you copy the message to the minister in charge of the CBC, James Moore here and PM Stephen Harper here.

Enough is enough.


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  3. CytizenH Says:

    The problem with your misguided anger is that the CBC claims to have had multiple sources from within the TPS, which is fitting with their policy. The article clearly stated that they were reporting what those sources said happened. When other people made different claims (ie Rob Ford, Bill Blair), they reported those as well. They even printed what Doug Ford claims his brother “definitely” said, despite the fact that he couldn’t have possibly heard the call. The truth is that until the tape is released there is zero evidence that the information CBC printed is false. If the tape is released, and it is clear that CBC was duped, then something very odd is going on over at TPS.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Another CBC apologist trying to push their “Ford must release tape” BS

    • wilson Says:

      Why should Ford release the tape when the Police Chief has already discredited the CBC report?

      The badgering and bullying of Rob Ford needs to stop.

      • BC Blue Says:

        It’s a misdirection from the CBC and their apologists. Ford must “prove” his innocence…

        • Alain Says:

          You are absolutely right. First of all why would the mayor have the tape, since it is the property of the police. It is not for the mayor to prove his innocence, it is for the CBC to prove his guilt. This they have not done. What they have done and continue to do is to slander and to lie. This is not acceptable.

  4. Liz J Says:

    No one in public life should have to tolerate the abusive behaviour displayed by the CBC when they went after Mayor Ford on his private property then spread vicious lies about what transpired when he called for 911 service. Remember this is a man who has already had to deal with death threats, he couldn’t take any chances for the safety of his family in this ambush by our own CBC. Having a dame in a red costume wielding a sword running at him is one thing but the smearing through lies is litigious and all who believe in fairness and decency would willingly pay the price to sue the CBC, it would be money better spent than paying CBC clowns to play partisan politics, taking it to the municipal level is as pathetic as it gets. It proves they’re out to smear Conservatives anywhere they serve.

    The Ombudsman needs to act and act YESTERDAY on this on our behalf, it’s not for him to decide to ignore this very serious happening, it’s his job to take action, find out who decided it was a good idea and send them packing.

    • Gerald Says:

      Don’t forget when Elections Canada raided the Conservative headquarters and brought the CBC and lieberals with them.Gerald

  5. platty Says:

    The fact of the matter is that none of this would have happened if the CBC would have just appologized for their idiotic stunt at Fords residence in the first place. Now, in their rush to discredit the victim, they are caught lying but refuse, once again, to take responsibility for any of their actions.

    How easy would it have been for the 22 crew to just leave, appologize to the mayor and not release the video of the incident. Never would have been an issue. Of course, arrogance will always get you in the end.


  6. Bec Says:

    I can’t believe that there are people out there that don’t feel that the CBC owes Mayor Ford AND his family an apology. That’s when we are forced to accept the sad reality that some people are just void of morals and of empathy.

    The family HOME is off limits, end of conversation and as far as I’m concerned, a guy like Rob Ford would admit to firing off numerous F bombs if he said them and frankly, had he, he would have been entitled too.

    This INVASION at his home was boorish to say the least and criminal when you consider trespassing, unwanted bodily contact and confinement.

    They owe him an apology, no question about it.

  7. Fay Says:

    It appears the CBC ombudsman is only to happy to have Don Cherry and Kevin O’Leary apologize but looks the other way for Heather Hiscot.

  8. Sean M Says:

    I wrote to Minister Moore, thanks for posting the link. Not sure what good it will do though, knowing Mr. Moore’s reputation as a “well trained” CBC drone. Didn’t bother writing to laPointe, knowing full well he and his so called Ombudsman’s role is nothing more then a toothless distraction and a charade. I don’t expect an apology from the CBC comrades, just more obstinacy, lies and a further growing contempt for Canadians.

  9. Rob C Says:

    This apologize crap is just that crap. It doesn’t seem to matter what anybody does, a phony apology will make it all right. I call bu11$#it. It is time for there to be consequences for crap like 22 min and many other stunts and lies ((not just the Crap Broadcast Corporation stuff). Politicians, businessmen,lawyers all public figures should not be able to weasel out of a situation with an apology..

  10. wilson Says:

    CBC Ombudsman has a blog:

    And he is on twitter too, here is a recent tweet:

    “BrianAKilgore @CBCOmbudsman
    Are you looking into overall issue re “Rob fucking Ford” and CBC’s unnamed sources? Please do. “

  11. antfrm Says:

    have written again to the so-called “ombudsman” of this leftist, partisan and politicized behemoth called the CBC. – If enough people who should be outraged at their ongoing anti-conservative, tax-sucking antics complain, to an essentially honest and sympathetic federal government, we may finally bell this cat

  12. Stan Says:

    It’s all very simple, if someone wants the kid glove treatment from the so called CBC they simply have to tell them they are a war criminal in Canada illegally.

    That worked well for the real war criminals here illegally, the CBC did everything they could to protect their privacy and didn’t consider the fact they had been through the system and had warrants issued as reason enough to show their pictures.

  13. Mary T Says:

    Rob Anders, conservative MP just introduced a petition in the HofC, saying it is the first of many, demanding the govt stop funding the cbc,.
    Now Gary Berkerwitch (sp) has introduced another petition on the same subject, Canadians from coast to coast to coast want the cbc defunded.

  14. Liz J Says:

    Can anyone figure out why the CBC would go after Mayor Ford with a national skit designed to make fools of public figures for any reason beyond the fact he doesn’t fit the socialist/leftist mold?

    The CBC may exist at the expense of our our tax dollars but that doesn’t give them the right to invade the private property of public figures then lie about what actually happened to start a smear campaign.

    If I were Ford I’d start litigation, an apology wouldn’t cut it. If we can waste money on clowns at the CBC we can afford some retribution to get some justice for the uncalled for treatment of Mayor Ford.

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  16. john Says:

    Who cares about the damned ombudsman? Send a letter to Ford of Canada or Imperial Oil. They are sponsors of the CBC’s only commercially successful show, Hockey Night In Canada. In a slow economy Ford will be easier to influence and more likely to pressure the CBC than any B.S. “ombudsman”.

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