National Post follows Star into gutter with Rob Ford “worst person in world” story

It was bad enough but expected when the Toronto Star ran a story based on the libellous segment from Current TV’s (an on-line formatted news channel founded by Al Gore) Keith Olbermann but for the National Post and the other Postmedia papers to do the same, was a surprise.

Curious what the National Post’s Kelly McParland, who likes to condemn other news organizations for running inane stories, thinks about how far his paper has fallen searching for revenue through ad-click rates as opposed to gaining readership the old-fashioned way with good reporting?


Oh oh, Justin Trudeau says that Liberal Party isn’t “serious”

In an interview with the Globe and Mail when asked about his decision not to seek the Liberal leadership, Justin Trudeau admitted that Liberal back-room boys are still manipulating the process:

“I don’t see the Liberal Party as serious as I’d like it to be about reinventing and re-imagining itself,” he said, noting that the leadership should come from the bottom up and not the top down. The party has already been through that, he said, and it has “gotten us nowhere.” (see here)

Trudeau has now outed his party on not being honest about their efforts to rediscover itself from the ground up.


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