Star’s Hebert should stick to columns about Quebec

After a partial list of what makes Christy Clark unpalatable to Conservatives, the single reason Chantal Hebert gives on why PM Stephen Harper should bend over backwards to make nice with this Liberal is because the NDP here in BC might be worse.

Hebert doesn’t bother to mention that the Liberals are completely corrupt and have only hung onto power because there hasn’t been a credible alternative.

Before pushing this alliance idea again, she should take a look at these recent quotes:

“Harper is an Albertan with deep roots in the oil patch and free enterprise. He may have underestimated public concern about climate change, because he doesn’t share it.” (Christy Clark, November 2006)

“The Harper government’s irresponsible plan to dump our Kyoto commitments is no laughing matter.” (Christy Clark, November 2006)

“The Conservatives are doing an absolutely pitiful job keeping the country together. I just don’t know what Harper is thinking. Can he think? I’m not sure…” (Christy Clark, December 2008)

“Compromise is not exactly Stephen Harper’s middle name. He desperately wants more Conservative MPs so he can fundamentally change Canada without having to consult everyone and his dog.” (Christy Clark, December 2007)

Until then, she should write about what she actually knows about.

So, where did the $90M spent on Attawapiskat reserve go then?

With the revelation of the abject poverty on the native reserve of Attawapiskat, the biggest question that needs to be answered is where did all the money go that was given to the band?

Musing from the Ottawa Press Gallery such as John Ibbitson who wants to reform education is a misdirection so that accountability can continue being avoided.  It also looks like he didn’t bother interviewing Chief Theresa Spence who says “the money we get, 80% goes to education” prior to throwing this gem out:

“Real money” needs to be spent on “Decent on-reserve schools, properly equipped and staffed with high-quality teachers, supported by professional school boards that employ a rigorous but culturally appropriate curriculum”

What does Ibbitson think of the $90 million already spent? Is that not real money?

To him and Shawn Atleo, National Chief of the AFN the need to “smash the status quo” is clear just as long as it doesn’t include the band chiefs opening up their financial books.

Will NDP MPs eat crow or get sued over Clement accusations?

The media made a lot of noise over some “sures” spoken innocently by Treasury Board President Tony Clement as couple of NDP MPs made a false claim and now have egg on their faces as the Speaker has cleared Clement in this faux scandal (see here).

Cummins admits that BC Conservatives not ready for prime-time

As excuses go for a political party leader to not run in an upcoming by-election in his own backyard, BC Conservative leader John Cummins came up with a very lame one:

“I’m on the road an awful lot with the party now, travelling throughout the province, growing the party. For me to be tied down to the duties of an MLA would be very inhibiting at this time”

“You’ll recall that Deb Grey won that byelection in 1989, was a very effective voice for us in the party until the 1993 election, and that certainly gave Preston Manning time to travel throughout the country and raise the profile of the party,

Not that the current BC Conservatives brainiacs would ever take my advice but when the polling numbers are showing a loss for their leader, you have to come up with something more than “I don’t want to be tied down“. It’s a slap in the face of the voters and a very weak argument for not running.

People won’t believe talking to 15 people over coffee in Williams Lake is better than the media exposure that a sitting MLA gets and to use Manning (who is supporting the Liberals) as an example is reflexive and not at all convincing or relevant to BC.

The simple, “we have a democratic process to select a great candidate in that riding and for me to supplant that person is not what this party is about” would have more than sufficed.

Seriously, NDP MP said “bad scary guns” in committee

As if yesterday’s massive anti-gun ad blunder by the NDP (see here) doesn’t show how badly organized they are, you now have them introducing an amendment to scrapping the Long Gun Registry idiotically titled, The Risking Public Safety Act.

The “bad scary gun” quote is from the same NDP MP, Jack Harris, who in his previous role as defence critic helped the CBC with the accusation that the government was lying and covering up that the Americans had killed 4 Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan (see here) .



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