Liberal Heed calls 3 others in caucus “goof” “loser” and “clueless”

After escaping by the skin of his teeth on breaking the Election Act with some timely help from his Liberal Party, Kash Heed’s 9-lives career looks to be over as his convicted campaign manager is now out for revenge.

Being left holding the bag for the illegal election campaign, Barinder Sall is firing both barrels at his old boss saying there is still the matter of $40,000 in over-spending and some dirty dealings he knows about when Heed was the West Vancouver police chief (see here). Notice Heed doesn’t deny any of the allegations.

Heed may have been able to survive this “he-said” stuff but not without the help of his caucus and that backing ended today with Sall releasing an email in which Heed had some not very nice things to say about his co-workers (see here).

Besides slagging 3 Liberal MLAs, he also says:

“The more I think of it, the more I am leaning toward the NDP” 

Oops, that completely blows Christy Clark’s John Cummins attack ad on holding his nose and voting NDP last election out of the water now doesn’t it?



Justin Trudeau had guns stolen from his “country place”

I’m curious if any Ottawa Press journo has asked Liberal MP Justin Trudeau why he thought leaving guns in his “country place” which is apparently not lived in full-time, was the smart responsible thing to do?

“I was raised around guns, raised shooting, we have guns up at our country place, they were registered until they were stolen in a break in a few years ago, but it’s something that is part of my life” (see here)

You would think anyone so concerned about how a rifle can be used in the act of committing horrendous mass murders would be much more careful where they left them right?

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