NDP MP gets caught making up accusation against judge

Why would NDP MP Joe Comartin let the truth get in the way of smearing the reputation of a Supreme Court judge when a made-up version suits his political agenda better?

Comartin, who happens to be the NDP’s long-time justice critic, said this to a currently nominated judge about his vow to learn French:

 “Maybe it’s a case of once bitten, twice shy; but I heard the same commitment from him. That was five years ago, and Justice Rothstein is still unable to conduct any hearings in French.”

Problem is, the judge in question, Justice Marshall Rothstein said no such thing during his parliamentary hearing and is not happy one bit with Comartin:

 “Mr. Comartin was at the parliamentary hearing in 2006 and the record of that hearing is perfectly clear as to what I said and what questions were and were not put to me. It speaks for itself. I have no intention of engaging in a debate with Mr. Comartin.”

And instead of apologizing, Comartin tries to pretend he was told in confidentiality and those discussion records are now destroyed:

“I can’t speculate about how I may have had that information, but it may very well [have been] a result of that process. If it was in the closed-door meetings – and I’m not saying it was because I just don’t remember – but if it was, I wouldn’t be able to tell you that.”

The NDP leader Nycole Turmel was quick to sanction two NDP MPs for voting in favour of scrapping the Gun Registry but who’d like to bet she won’t do anything about Comartin damaging a judge’s character so he could pander to Quebec? (see here)


Suzuki politicking to students in classrooms and on taxpayers’ dime

Questions need to be answered on why David Suzuki is being allowed to use tax dollars through the National Film Board to try to indoctrinate students with his political messages.

How is it possible that Suzuki was given the OK to spread his tainted views in our schools?:

“I am very, very excited about the Occupy movement, because it seems to be a continuation of the Arab Spring. In their Occupy movement, they are beginning to point out the enormous inequities in a democratic society ¬ why is it that corporations have so much influence on affecting government policy?”

“Corporations are what are putting money into supporting political candidates. Rich people pour a huge amount of money into supporting political candidates, and so when they get into office, they then, the politicians, tend to reflect the priorities of the people that are giving them money.”

Whoever made the decision that this false propaganda fit into the scholastic curriculum should be exposed as they should now be offering their apologies along with their resignation. (see here)

Moronic criticism of NDP leadership candidates from NP’s resident Liberal

From the whiny tone of this piece from Liberal Jeff Jedras you get the sense that he has been desperately pining  away for a chance to hit back at Jack Layton’s debate bomb against Michael Ignatieff’s horrendous Parliamentary attendance record.

Someone at the National Post might have done Jedras a favour of pointing out that in our political system, opposition parties have no choice when it comes to their own leadership races and the Parliamentary calendar, especially when one is forced upon them.

To write that a now dead Layton “has set the bar” is beyond ridiculous and only shows crass petulance from a still stinging Liberal. (see here)

Also: See earlier post on Jedras’ idiotic HST “solution” here

Kinsella says Conservative MP “supports” neo-Nazi leader

Sun News’ Warren Kinsella is at it again, this time trying to smear the reputation of a Conservative MP whose office sent out a form letter to Marc Lemire.

This was Kinsella’s original blog post title:

Conservative MP sends letter of support to neo-Nazi leader (see here).

Of course this form letter doesn’t mention any intention to “support” a neo-Nazi so Kinsella has now changed the title knowing full well he was open to being sued.

Another classy move from this Sun employee.

Also: See earlier post on Kinsella trying to buy Rob Ford’s 911 tape here

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