CBC wrongly says kidnapped Fowler “was on UN business in Niger”

I’ve asked CBC reporter Megan Fitzpatrick to explain what exactly Robert Fowler was doing in Niger when he was taken hostage as her story states:

“Fowler and his colleague Louis Guay were on United Nations business in Niger when they were taken by al-Qaeda operatives in December 2008 and held for 130 days.”

This directly contradicts what Fowler’s UN boss Ban Ki-Moon said at the time (see here) so why would Fitzpatrick include this falsehood in her story?



Liberals walk out on new Auditor-General

The hole that the Liberals under Bob Rae have dug themselves with their insane hissy fit over the appointment of unilingual Michael Ferguson as Canada’s new AG will be impossible to get out of.

“It is not a normal vote. … It strikes at the heart of the Canadian identity. Officers of the Parliament of Canada should be able to function in both official languages. That is the view of the Liberal Party.”

Besides throwing away much-needed votes out this way in Western Canada, they have stupidly removed their ability to back Ferguson on any reports condemning the Conservative government. How will any Liberal hold up a damning spending document produced by our national financial watch-dog now?

Think about that, this appointment is for the next 10 years.





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