Don Cherry shows RMC faculty board what class is


After French Professor Catherine Lord complained and her faculty cohorts passed a resolution of  “dissatisfaction”, Don Cherry has decided not to attend his honorary degree given to him by the Royal Military College:

He said he was very proud to be bestowed this latest honorary degree but in light of the letter and public spectacle, he did not want to distract attention from the two others who were also honoured – the late RMC teacher Brig.-Gen. John (Jack) Cadieux and military veteran Lt.-Col. John Desmond Gibson.

“I wouldn’t want anything to take that moment away from those families,” Cherry said. “The day should be a positive.”  (see here)

To answer Lord’s idiotic question about what “message this sends to the students”, Cherry sent them a darn good one.


Why is CBC head buying $240 lunches for CRTC head?

CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix has some very expensive places he likes to grab a club sandwich at when he is sticking the tab to us taxpayers (see here).

How is it even possible to pay $120 for 2 soups and sandwiches and why the private dining room?

Update: There is no website for this private club that I can find.

Good news: Resignation over unilingual Attorney General

From a story from the CBC:

“Michel Dorais, a former federal deputy minister who had been serving as one of two independent members of the internal audit committee that oversees the Office of the Auditor General, resigned his position in a letter to the interim auditor general this week.” (see here)

Hopefully Liberal MP Denis Coderre will be announcing many more of these extremists doing the same.

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