Another attack on Sun TV by Citizen’s McGregor blows up in his face

You really have to wonder what goes through the mind of the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor? Here’s a guy who has some very good journalistic talent but is seemingly so bent on revenge, that he is destroying his personal credibility.

I’ve had run-ins with McGregor myself after writing posts critical of his slant and journo tactics. He tracked down and called my parents after repeatedly being told by me that I would only correspond with him through writing and last week sent me an email asking about my personal finances in what I assume is some twisted way of trying to intimidate and threaten me. The only possible outcome from this latest “stalking” is going to be a letter from my lawyer to his newspaper.

The last time McGregor took a shot at the Sun, Brian Lilley put such a public beat-down on him (see here), you’d have thought he had learned his lesson but it’s obvious now that he’s incapable of being taught as his latest foot-shooting shows.

On his Citizen blog, McGregor has put up a bizarre post on how an author says he is being “blacklisted by Sun TV” who, when you click on this guy’s own blog post (see here), admits to being a good buddy and is out for revenge against Brian Lilley and Sun TV:

“So a few months back when Sun TV’s Brian Lilley went after a friend of mine, Glen McGregor, in a commentary that mocked his recently-deceased mother, I’d had enough. I trashed the Sun TV gang on social media.”

Now to wait and see what McGregor’s next attempt at digging up dirt on me is going to be.


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