Christy Clark agrees to not promote gay tourism in China

Liberal support for the gay life-style apparently ends when it come to appeasing Communist China.

From the BC Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Ministry on what is banned from enticing the Chinese to visit:

“prohibit the promotion of casinos, gambling and gay tourism, per the China National Tourism Administration”

Liberal Tourism Minister Pat Bell:

“Part of the sensitivity in China is making sure we market the appropriate sorts of activities in BC”

I’m sure the gay activists and media will have a lot to say about Bell including homosexuality as an inappropriate activity like they would if a Conservative politician had said the same thing right? (see here)


Just how far can Bob the Temp drive down the Liberals?

You have to wonder how long the the Liberals who weren’t happy with the back-room boys installing Bob Rae as their “interim” leader will continue to allow him to define them as irrelevant and a laughingstock?

On one hand you have Rae being forced to deal with how broke the Liberal Party is and how there isn’t much prospect for improvement (see here), then you have Rae threatening a lawsuit over the appointment of an unilingual Auditor-General (see here).

Could Rae possibly find an issue further away from what people care about? Does he really think doubling down with this idiocy after his embarrassing walk-out his helping his chances of getting the Liberals back from 3rd party status?

Besides a handful of his Ottawa/Toronto cocktail circuit friends, who does he believe supports him on this?

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