Christy Clark’s Liberals falsely blamed Harper for Chinese gay ban

Liberal Minister of Jobs and Tourism Pat Bell was quick to blame PM Stephen Harper for his own Liberal government’s brochure which stated gay tourism promotion by BC companies is not allowed in China:

Bell had initially defended the brochure in an interview Monday, saying the reference was simply informing operators in B.C. about an agreement that had been reached between Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Chinese President Hu Jintao.


“That is a deal that was negotiated between the federal government and the Chinese central government and it was not something that we participated in.”  and it was “a matter of fact”

One big problem though for Bell is that he gave completely untrue answers and now has to try to climb down from not only saying it was Harper who negotiated it but explain how it got into his brochure. (see here)

This Liberal reflex of blaming the Conservatives certainly didn’t go over very well in the Prime Minister’s Office and would have added more fuel to the already testy relationship.

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