Postmedia’s De Souza tries to stoke flames within Con caucus over AG appointment


Postmedia’s resident climate change alarmist Mike De Souza is trying his best to stir up controversy over a pretty innocent statement from Conservative MP Maxime Bernier’s office over the newly appointed AG, Michael Ferguson:

But Bernier’s office confirmed that the Quebec minister was not pleased about the selection process that led to Ferguson’s appointment.

“While Minister Bernier would have preferred that the candidate chosen for the position of auditor general was already bilingual, the minister has complete confidence that Mr. Ferguson will respect his engagement to learn French this year,” said Bernier’s spokesman, Scott French, in a statement sent to Postmedia News.

Sounds reasonable especially coming from a Quebec MP but of course De Souza editorializes “not pleased” and takes this very firm endorsement to be:

“Bernier is the second member of the Conservative caucus to go public about concerns regarding the appointment…” (see here)

And dutifully, look who picks up on this “story” and runs it as  some sort of Bernier flip-flop:

The Minister of State for Small Business and Tourism has gone from expressing concern over the appointment of a unilingual accountant as Canada’s next Auditor-General to simply saying now he has “complete confidence” Michael Ferguson will honour his promise to learn French. (see here)

A perfect comparison of where the standards at Postmedia and the National Post are nowadays.

Update: I’ve changed the picture of De Souza at request of the apparent owner of the photo. Funny how quickly she became aware, almost like she was tipped off by someone.  De Souza’s co-worker Andrew Potter at the Ottawa Citizen did the same thing over his photo but I’m sure it’s all just a coincidence right?


Some more of that awesome reporting from CBC Kady

A full-page, including a chart and subsequent update just to let you know that an appointed chair shockingly donated to the Conservative Party! (see here)

If somehow Kady O’Malley thinks that this is adding to the story about Arthur Porter’s possible conflict in his self-admitted unwise business dealings, she should head back for a refresher course in journalism.

Update: O’Malley is playing hurt kitten again on Twitter over some of the comments I let through last night without reading them over first. Moaning and groaning about how hard it is to be a journalist:

“Man, those commenters are pure class, huh? RT @CBCWatch: Some more of that awesome “reporting” from CBC’s @Kady”

All of her Tweeted whines are too numerous to list.

I look forward to O’Malley patrolling CBC’s comment section pointing out all the factually inaccurate and mean things being said about Conservative politicians.

Also: I see O’Malley has no problem chatting on Twitter with Macleans’ Luiza Savage who called the Sun News women “skanks”.

Yes, let’s compare residential schools to Holocaust & Rwanda

Assembly of First Nations National Chief  Shawn Atleo attempting to equate the past residential schools to systematic genocide is sickening rhetoric for which he should be ashamed:

“I, along with so many of our people, feel if you consider what the term genocide means. It references to the killing of people. Our people died in residential schools…the residential school was cultural genocide; the attempt to, over the course of history, to kill the Indian in the child. And that has been the experience of our people.” (see video here)

Whenever politicians like Atleo hijack words such as genocide to suit their purpose, it lessens the real and true atrocities.

Also: See earlier post on Atleo inserting himself in last year’s federal election here

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