Citizen’s McGregor Facebook creeping Harper

The hits keep on coming from the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor.  In a forehead slapping piece, McGregor actually admits to tracking comments that have been removed from Stephen Harper’s Facebook page:

A Citizen analysis found that more than 300 comments on PM Harper’s Facebook page have been purged over the past few months.

To track the deletion of comments, the Citizen used a custom computer program that checked all the comments on Harper’s Facebook page every 30 minutes and compared them to the previous comments list. Although the comments were deleted from Facebook, they were retained in the Citizen’s database. (see here)

Another nail in the coffin of Postmedia’s journalistic credibility.

Also: See earlier post on McGregor’s latest attack blowing up in his face here


CBC-Love poll done by The National’s At Issue panelist

Regardless of how much it destroys their professional reputations, paid “contributors” will choose to shill for the CBC.

The latest example is this phony poll showing support for either maintaining or increasing CBC’s funding and run as a story by CP’s Jennifer Ditchburn (see here).

The reason I say “phony” is explained best by the Sun’s Brian Lilley who notes that the poll omits telling these people that the CBC already receives $1.1B in funding and that Ditchburn and the pollster Bruce Anderson from Harris-Decima are both paid CBC “employees” (see here).

Funny how both of their relationships with the CBC aren’t mentioned in Ditchburn’s story though huh?

Also: See the response from CP on my complaint about Ditchburn’s CBC conflict-of-interest here


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