Holy torqued headline from CBC Kady

Take a read at what House of Commons Law Clerk Rob Walsh had to say here about the NDP trying to protect the CBC from releasing documents to a MP committee and then compare it to CBC’s Kady O’Malley’s headline:

CBC/ATI-related production order could land the House of Commons in court: law clerk 

Now take a look here how Kris Sims from the Sun chain writes about it and tell me who is earning their pay-cheque with good sound reporting.

Also: See earlier post on CBC Kady’s reporting and then as a response to it, she sics her Twitter dogs on me here

Update: The CP has a story which the CBC of course runs with the same torqued-up headline here



4 Responses to “Holy torqued headline from CBC Kady”

  1. Jen Says:

    CBC is hiding documents from us and Kady knows it. What she doesn’t want to know is that we know.
    Kady, for your own sake, the ndpq know very well that cbc have kept the liberals corruption as a secret and now that they (ndpq) are in the liberal position in the HOC, the NDPQ wants the same treatment from CBC. Or else Kady, the NDPQ will expose the CBC/LPC relationship, wide open.

  2. syncrodox Says:

    I quoted this line from the summary in the Law Clerks letter…” I know of no legal precedent for the arguement I have made based on constitutional functions of the three branches of government.”…in the comments.

    Somehow got caught in the filter.

  3. platty Says:

    It says comments are open at CBC but only nine are posted, I tried posting an hour ago and it’s still not there. Kady must be taking a real beating….

  4. Fay Says:

    I agree platty… Kady is obviously monitoring the comments and her little group of Kady loving bloggers haven’t commented yet.

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