Copy of CBC emails from Ezra Levant’s visit to their HQ

Check out the emails from the CBC brass as well as the security report generated from when Ezra Levant dropped in unannounced. (Ezra visits the CBC)


NDP MPs heading to US to campaign against Alberta pipeline

I’m trying to think of other instances where Official Opposition MPs went to another country to persuade politicians to not support a Canadian industry like NDP MPs Megan Leslie and Claude Gravelle are doing here.

And to make matters even worse, this is from Gravelle’s website:

“Claude worked for 34 years at Inco and brought up his family in Nickel Belt”

Inco of course is owned by the Brazilian Vale Ltd which is a huge metals mining company so it’s more than a bit hypocritical of Gravelle to get on his high horse and bash the oil industry for not being eco.

Also: See earlier post on Leslie trying to use her MP status to jump the line in a French course here

Elections Canada and NDP make secret deal on illegal donations

If there wasn’t absolute proof about the bias within Elections Canada when they swarmed the Conservative Party’s office with tipped-off media and opposition parties in-tow, my complaint filed against the NDP’s illegal Broadbent Institute donations exposes it completely.

Turns out that Elections Canada and the NDP made a quiet agreement October 27th where the NDP bizarrely avoid being charged by admitting they broke the rules.

This was apparently published on Saturday in the Canada Gazette (whatever that is) but not a breath of it was in the media until this blog post by the Citizen’s Glen McGregor here.

All swept quietly under the carpet…

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