Elections Canada and NDP make secret deal on illegal donations

If there wasn’t absolute proof about the bias within Elections Canada when they swarmed the Conservative Party’s office with tipped-off media and opposition parties in-tow, my complaint filed against the NDP’s illegal Broadbent Institute donations exposes it completely.

Turns out that Elections Canada and the NDP made a quiet agreement October 27th where the NDP bizarrely avoid being charged by admitting they broke the rules.

This was apparently published on Saturday in the Canada Gazette (whatever that is) but not a breath of it was in the media until this blog post by the Citizen’s Glen McGregor here.

All swept quietly under the carpet…


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    • BC Blue Says:

      What I mean is that there is no way for me nor any one else to know about that posting

      • Platty Says:

        You’re kidding, right phantom? I mean, it really shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to determine that the point being made here is , in no way, was this reported on by the MSM in Canada, showing the bias of William Corbett, Commissioner of Canada Elections.
        Not too many Canadians kick back on Saturday mornings with a cup of coffee and a copy of the Canada Gazette, whatever that is…..


      • harebell Says:

        Wow Ezra and Lilley asleep at the wheel.
        I guess it wasn’t leaked from the PMO in a briefing note, so they wouldn’t have known about it.

    • Oxygentax Says:

      Ohhhh I get it…

      So what Elections Canada is saying is that if you’re caught dead to rights (no pun intended) and you co-operate with them, then you get a little slap on the wrist and the MSM (which is actually the bigger scandal here) doesn’t say a word. If, however, you disagree with their interpretation, then they (including the MSM) will try and make an example of you for 5 years after the fact.

      Interesting position they’ve taken.

      And honestly Phantom, I didn’t realize the average citizen had access to the Gazette – I knew it existed from my profession, but I never realized what information it contained. For that reason, I really can’t blame any blogger for not knowing what it is, and I can’t disparage the point he makes that it’s not a common tool for information.

  1. Jen Says:

    EC still refuses to go after the liberals for the loans which they still owe EC and it is the NDPQ EC is going to go after…come on, spare me.
    The deal the ndpq and EC is simple ” you say nothing and we wouldn’t tell the public on you at what you did for the liberals.”

    The media better keep a close eye on the NDPQ.

    • bocanut Says:

      Media icon and Pierre Trudeau’s canoodling buddy Craggy Owliver yesterday looked genuinely incredulous when Kevin Newman quoted former NDP party chief Robin Sears saying all Canadian political parties did the in and out hokey pokey.
      “I never knew that” said the stunned one.
      So don’t hold your breath waiting for the media to keep a close eye on anything.

  2. Jen Says:

    US Union Funding NDP


    U.S. union contributed to NDP 3

    DANIEL PROUSSALIDIS, Parliamentary Bureau

    First posted: Thursday, April 28, 2011 9:10:36 EDT PM


  3. Liz J Says:

    Adding insult to injury EC is not demanding Liberal also-rans pay up we now have with this decision by Elections Canada giving all the proof we need regarding their outright bias.

  4. Mary T Says:

    Can the head of EC be replaced or is he there for life. Opposition made a big deal of the in and out decision today in QP.

  5. Alain Says:

    And EC is non partisan, eh? They sure do make it difficult to believe.

  6. Another call for Elections Canada’s Mayrand to be fired « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] proven they have not with my complaint filed against the NDP for their illegal donation scheme (see here). During this process, it is obvious that EC has broken 4 of their own listed […]

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