What was Sheila Copps doing introducing CBC’s Lacroix?

Brian Lilley, on his show Byline, noted that ex-Liberal minister and wannabe party president Sheila Copps introduced CBC CEO Hubert Lacroix for his speech to the National Press Club (see video here) and the thought that came to mind was, what was she doing there to begin with?

Is it a common practice for this select club of journos to bring in, as their MC, someone who is currently seeking to run a political party? I checked out the event on the Press Club’s website in which Lacroix was speaking and it was only open to “members of The National Press Club“. Is this ex-minister who was in charge of the CBC a member of this “private club for journalists and communications professionals” or did Copps get a special invite?

And, did the other Liberal wannabe presidents get that same élite RSVP as well?

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