Potty-mouth NDP Pat Martin

Either NDP MP Pat Martin’s Twitter account has been hacked or he has a serious problem with using foul language in public.

To Global News National affairs reporter Amy Minsky:

@amyminsky Ha! I know. But this may be worst movie ever… Rene Z and Harry Conick Jr. My f’ing oath. Makes ‘Zombies’ look like high art.

To no one in particular:

This is a fucking disgrace…closure again. And on the Budget! There’s not a democracy in the world that would tolerate this jackboot shit

And as a response to someone he was conversing with:

@LettingSmokeOut fuck you 

I don’t get offended by swearing but there is a time and a place and I can’t believe that he is so unaware how classless he sounds.

Update: Not all in the media (see here) are choosing to ignore these foul outbursts from Martin same as CBC”s Kady O’Malley here responding to a couple of people on Twitter about it:

@Proud_Canadian1 If some random stranger was pointlessly hostile, and he replied by telling him to fuck off? It’d make me like him more.

@jimpook And we do. I’m sorry, I just don’t think an MP getting in a spat on twitter constitutes breaking news.


CBC to produce Layton movie

Was this Jack Layton biopic shopped around by Laszlo Barna and no private companies were willing to invest in it:

“CBC has an early stage development deal with Barna, contingent on his script” (see here)

or, was it never presented to anyone but the CBC?

Who authorized it and why should taxpayers be forced to pay for this personally motivated project?

Will Ottawa Citizen reign in McGregor finally over MP affair gossip?

I was tipped this morning to a blog post by the Ottawa Citizen’s Glen McGregor where he gossips about prime minister’s former director of communications Dimitri Soudas and MP Eve Adams showing up together at a function.

He then muses about this as a marital issue and names other Conservative MPs who have gone through recent divorces (see here).

Besides the heads-up on this unbelievably sordid “reporting”, I was told to take a look at Warren Kinsella’s blog site in which Kinsella relates a few past dealings with McGregor where in one case, McGregor had information on Kinsella’s divorce that was not public knowledge (see here).

All this made me think of my own experiences with McGregor (see here) and wonder if the Citizen will now have had enough of him.

Update: The Gossip Queen herself, Jane Taber links and references McGregor’s piece here

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