Another call for Elections Canada’s Mayrand to be fired

The Sun’s Brian Lilley is calling (see here) for the removal of Elections Canada’s Chief Electoral Officer, Marc Mayrand so I decided to take a look into that process and how Elections Canada is held accountable.

From looking at the EC website it is plain that firing Mayrand would be next to impossible:

The Chief Electoral Officer serves until retirement or resignation; he or she can be removed only for cause, by the Governor General, following a joint address of the House of Commons and Senate

My suggestion instead would be to try and force Mayrand to uphold the EC mandate and values which I have proven they have not with my complaint filed against the NDP for their illegal donation scheme (see here). During this process, it is obvious that EC has broken 4 of their own listed values:

– transparency in everything we do

– responsiveness to the needs of Canadians involved in the electoral process

– cohesiveness and consistency in administering the Canada Elections Act

– continuously earning and maintaining the public’s trust

Elections Canada reports directly to Parliament so that will my next step in getting this “non-partisan” organization running fairly, evenly and responsibly.



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