Who wants to bet gazillionaire Paul Martin won’t “redistribute” his money to Occupiers?

If you like to see a perfect example of how a Liberal mind works, check out this story about how ex-PM Paul Martin supports the Occupy movement here.

Is there another Canadian politician further removed from this protest due to his or her personal wealth and connections to the global business elites?


My inquiry into illegal donation from Fire Fighter Asc to Kelowna BC mayor

A story about a cheque given through a campaign worker from the Kelowna Professional Fire Fighters Association to incumbent mayor Sharon Shepherd caught my eye:


In reading your story about the $500 donation made to Sharon Shepherd, you mention:
“the association confirmed in a public letter of support Thursday that it had reimbursed Heyming for his contribution”
This contravenes rule 87 of Local Government Act so I don’t understand how Shepherd says that no rules or laws were broken.

(e) make a campaign contribution indirectly by giving the money, property or services to a person or unincorporated organization for that person or organization to make as a campaign contribution.

Could you please clarify?

Thank you
Dean Skoreyko
Update: I have had a response back from reporter Wayne Moore in which he said that I should get clarification from the parties involved as he did not do so himself.

Globe and Mail infers Harper will help invade Iran

The Globe and Mail has run a couple very dishonest stories lately with unbelievably false headlines meant to mislead readers and both have been back-to-back columns from John Ibbitson.

The first was after NDP MP Pat Martin went on a potty-mouthed tirade, the Globe decided to blame the Conservative’s for Martin’s behaviour (see here) and you have to ask yourself why the Globe didn’t run that phony headline in their print addition?

Then today, the Globe runs this headline “Canada ready to take action on Iran if needed, says Harper“. Clearly the Globe is trying to (and succeeds if you check out the comment section) create the image that Stephen Harper is prepared to enter into an armed conflict with Iran over nuclear weaponry.

That’s a pretty huge leap and nowhere is there any evidence in this article that Harper came even close to saying anything of the sorts.

There are growing indications that Israel and/or the United States might be prepared to take pre-emptive military action to destroy Iran’s nuclear weapons-making capability. Were that to happen, this submission appears to confirm that the Harper government would offer its strong support.

But of course that bit of honesty would get in the way of this dangerous piece of selective journalism designed to conjure images of war.

h/t Norman Spector

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