Who wants to bet gazillionaire Paul Martin won’t “redistribute” his money to Occupiers?

If you like to see a perfect example of how a Liberal mind works, check out this story about how ex-PM Paul Martin supports the Occupy movement here.

Is there another Canadian politician further removed from this protest due to his or her personal wealth and connections to the global business elites?


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  1. E Mac Says:

    Is he paying taxes to Canada with his CSL lines yet?
    I thought not!
    I rest my case.

    • Jen Says:

      E. Mac I read somewhere that Martin hires Hungarian workers than his own people because they are cheaper.
      Some of those occupiers can easily be working forat his shipping company.

  2. paulsstuff Says:

    Paul Martin rewrote tax law and then utilized those changes to keep millions in taxes. Paul Martin changed the rules for offshore tax havens, and utilized those changes to avoid Canadian income taxes.

    Both show how far removed Martin really is from the reality of the Occupy protests. But the most damaging thing regarding Martin is the fact he actually changed rules regarding company pensions, and then utilized those changes to raid the pension fund of a company he owned that closed.

    “When CSL Equity Investments Inc. sold Voyageur’s bus routes to Greyhound in 1996, the bus driver’s pension fund was short by $2.4 million, and up to 146 long-term employees lost 30 percent of their pensions. Paul Martin’s family owned a 50-per-cent stake in Voyageur through the holding company. There are accusations that Mr. Martin, then the Minister of Finance and subsequently the Canadian Prime Minister, interfered with the results of a Department of Finance audit requested by company employees. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI), after meeting with the trustees of CSL, declined to take any action after performing the audit.”

  3. Susann Says:

    Mr. Dithers is so old and tiresome. He is so desperate for attention, it is painful to see. First his Liberal Party went down in ashes because they thought Canadians were invested in and focused on the all-important Liberal Party, just like Liberals, pre-occupied, with themselves, greasing egos.

    The rest of us were concerned for Canada, our economy, on the issues for Canadians.

    Then Martin, finally, reached his zenith as PM, getting to rationalize the excited twitch he kept feeling up and down his legs, unwisely having usurped his former boss. The new subservient PM, was always quick to entertain his fawning media fans in Ottawa. Who could forget performing the ridiculous craven geriatric air guitar with Bono, the flavour of the day GDP policing celebrity.

    However although Martin may have confused the job of PM with being a head waiter at the Laurier Club, it was a short lived tenure and quickly, the Liberal ashes ashes have almost turned to dust. “The dustbins of history are littered..”.

  4. dmorris Says:

    Martin’s mere multimillionaire,probably still owes Paul Desmarais millions in interest for his purchase of CSL as a gift for Paulie the ex-PM.

    Martin is just another of those annoying “yesterday’s” politician types that I wish would just shut up and go away. Seems there’s a lot of Liberals like him,and some NDP’ers,Conservatives as well. They should form a club,The “Still Bitter Publicity-Seeking Politicos Club”.lessee now, Sheila Copps,Joe Clark,Paul Martin, and a host of others who still think anybody gives a damn about them or what they think.

  5. Frances Auger Says:

    Of course not – his money is his money and your money is his too!!! lol

  6. Jen Says:

    That jackass martin who took $161million dollars for his shipping company hires foreign workers; who cuts funding to provinces, to military, education, infrastructure, and who took $56billion from the EI funds, amongst other things, supports his own kind since the LPC have OCCUPIED our money in their bank account. So, it is not surprising he supports the occupiers; they remind him of himself.

    People like Paul Martin like occupiers who have no concept of anything; it makes it much easier for him to manipulate them.

  7. Frances Says:

    When did Mr Martin ever lead by example? Except to produce loopholes he could use to protect the family fortune while denying we peons anything similar.

    • Jen Says:

      Where do you think Frances did the ‘eight year balance budget comes from? If not for high taxes and cutting payments to provinces healthcare, military, infrastructure etc. And not a peep from the media.

  8. Ed the Hun Says:

    Okay, but let us be a bit fair to the old Mo-loyalist…he did redistribute wealth to those less fortunate than he? I mean didn’t he transfer ownership/control to his kids? He’s done his part…

    • Jen Says:

      I saw a couple of days on CPAC giving a lecture to students. Now from I know, he cut funding to education.

  9. Kari Says:

    This just proves he’s more irrelevant today than he was yesterday. Paul who………………

  10. Liz J Says:

    Paul Martin, the great Chretien Finance genius who robbed pensions to create a surplus can fade to black. I don’t give a rat’s ass what he does as long as he stays the hell out of politics. We don’t need any advice from someone who coveted and back stabbed da boss to get the top job, then when he got it he had no clue what to do with it.

  11. paulsstuff Says:

    Someone should ask the protestors how they feel about a millionaire with a 9-hole golf course as part of his backyard, cause that’s what Martin has spent some of the millions he avoided paying taxes on.

  12. TangoJuliette Says:

    this bozo was our PM?!!??!

    — YOY!!

  13. Jen Says:

    What canadians need is a reporter who would not play ball with the liberals nor the ndpq, it strikes me odd that reporters who live on the soil as us; breathe the same air; stand under the same flag; are as canadians like us ‘haven’t the faintest idea the BS the liberals have pulled on us throughout the years; far less to have the balls to stand to them and do the job like we are doing right now.

    Here we are, highlighting all the things the liberals pulled on us: to provinces, to military, education infrastructure etc , and not one of the reporters can say anything anything at all. Yet those same cowards find or will try to find, even invent negative things on this government who ended up with the liberals’ mess.

    Kady O, Terry M. Robert Fife, Don Martin, Mansbridge, and others: “we want answers now to the whereabouts of the 40 million dollars; answers to the 56billion EI scandal, liberals refusing to repay EC. and many more things we want answers too” . We are not your idiots as you wish us to be now get on with it and do your job or else, get out.

    Here is another question ” where and how did the liberals manage to get an eight year balance budget?” We know the answer.

    • Jen Says:

      If you look at it closely BB, Had the liberals not cut funding to: provinces, military, healthcare, education, and Infrastructure nor have taken the 56BILLION dollar from the E.I funds among other things. This PM SH would not have to deal with this whole mess. In fact the deficit may be smaller or none at all. In fact, the liberals left us with a huge deficit. Think about it.

      I read in the NP sometime ago, that the liberals contribution towards paying down the national debt in thirteen years was only =$64 billion. Imagine that.
      The liberals at the time didn’t have the problems we have today yet they couldn’t pay off half of the national debt. WHERE IN THE PRICKING HELL DID ALL THAT MONEY GO?

  14. Norm Farrell Says:

    Just remember that Paul Martin was always a Liberal, never a liberal.

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