More publicity for phony conservative “Blue Committee” run by Liberal backers

The Edmonton Journal has an article on the Trojan Horse group led by Ken Boessenkool and to its credit, showcases Boessenkool’s very un-conservative activities, true political motives and a self-promoting narcissistic personality.

– backed Liberal connected Jim Dinning’s failed bid to win Alberta PC leadership

– campaign manager for hard-core Liberal Christy Clark until Harper forced him to quit

– paid government lobbyist in between political appointments

– most people in this group having political ambitions and are using it to launch bids

What this group is really trying to do is cut the legs out from under the Wildrose Party by sabotaging it from within so that the corrupt ruling PC Party led by the Joe Clark disciple Alison Redford is still in power when they are in place to take it over.

Also: See Boessenkool’s attack on the BC Conservative leader when reacting to me exposing his Liberal background here and his letter asking for donations for BC Liberal Christy Clark to her unseemly Alberta oil fundraiser here.

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