More publicity for phony conservative “Blue Committee” run by Liberal backers

The Edmonton Journal has an article on the Trojan Horse group led by Ken Boessenkool and to its credit, showcases Boessenkool’s very un-conservative activities, true political motives and a self-promoting narcissistic personality.

– backed Liberal connected Jim Dinning’s failed bid to win Alberta PC leadership

– campaign manager for hard-core Liberal Christy Clark until Harper forced him to quit

– paid government lobbyist in between political appointments

– most people in this group having political ambitions and are using it to launch bids

What this group is really trying to do is cut the legs out from under the Wildrose Party by sabotaging it from within so that the corrupt ruling PC Party led by the Joe Clark disciple Alison Redford is still in power when they are in place to take it over.

Also: See Boessenkool’s attack on the BC Conservative leader when reacting to me exposing his Liberal background here and his letter asking for donations for BC Liberal Christy Clark to her unseemly Alberta oil fundraiser here.

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  1. Mary T Says:

    Our new liberal premier is sure getting a lot of face time and media attention in the papers.
    Our riding is electing a conservative candidate for the next election, next week. Funny how the incumbent just announced he has arranged for the new health minister to visit our local hospital with the goal of getting more acute care beds, in the near future.

  2. Alex Says:

    How exactly do they intend to rot Wildrose from within? Whatever his views are, this character seems like he is exactly the reason the PC’s are a left wing party now. They are so comfortable that they act more like unionized bureaucrats than representatives of the people. It’s like he wants to ‘unite the right’ just so he can run with the biggest party and sit in government. These are exactly the people who should be kept out.

    There is no chance the Liberals or the Alberta Party or the NDP will be in government nor could they ever be an effective opposition. There is just no need to unite the right here. All he wants to do is eliminate serious opposition so he can cruise to power.

    Slime ball.

  3. Liz J Says:

    PC’s are Red Tories, a far cry from Conservatism.

    BTW, where is Old Joe Who hanging out these days? Has he been rendered speechless from licking his wounds following the demise of his old red party? Perhaps he can pick himself up and use his experience to help the Liberals rejuvenate, I would imagine they’re not too choosy at this point.

  4. wilson Says:

    ‘…..he is worried about an election result that leaves the Tories in a minority government with the Wildrose as Official Opposition.
    “In that situation, it’s perfectly plausible for the PC party to look around the house and approach Liberals or Alberta Party members to form a stable governing coalition,”…

    Oh, the coalition boogeyman.

    More WildRose candidates elected, more assurance the Red’s are kept on a short leash, imo.
    RedRedderRedford would risk floor crossings if she were to look towards the LibDippers instead of the WildRose, for support.
    More likely, the Red team will pull votes from the LibDippers, electing even less of them,
    while giving the WR real Conservatives more seats.

    The Red team was voted in by LibDippers willing to pretend to be conservatives for 15 minutes.
    The Red’s haven’t faced REAL conservatives yet.
    And if that ‘sales tax’ trial balloon is any indication of what they have in their hidden agenda bag of tricks,
    the Red team won’t be around long enough to do lasting damage to Alberta’s economy.
    (Warren Kinsella is really pushing Red, yuk)

    As far as the “Blue Committee” goes,
    PMSH pulled Boessenkool off Christy’s team to work on the CPC re-election team.

    • BC Blue Says:

      Harper pulled him off prior under the guise that if he worked on Clark’s campaign, he couldn’t work on the Conservative’s knowing full well that Clark is despised by conservatives here in BC.

  5. Susann Says:

    Well how do we square the circle given that Paul Wells, in his 2006 book about the fall of Paul Martin and the rise of Stephen Harper, detailed that Boessenkool was one of Harper’s closest friends and confidente back in university days and points since?

    • BC Blue Says:

      I highly doubt Harper is backing this especially in light of him pulling Boessenkool so sharply off Christy Clark’s campaign and I’d point to Tom Flannagan as an example of how relationships can change in Harper’s World.

  6. Bec Says:

    Alberta’s an interesting place politically right now and especially after the PC leadership race showed the true politics of some.

    Another interesting aspect is the volunteers/boards that worked/ hung out together during the federal election are now in opposite camps, provincially.
    I see the old boys club vs the new kids in town as great fun and there is no way this ‘Blue Committee’ will be entertained as anything more than comedy by the WRA. This is not even close to fusing 2 conservative party’s. This is fusing a conservative party with a n entitled liberal party. Other than 1 all the players are from the crowded left.

  7. Jen Says:

    Sorry about that BC BLUE, Stephen Taylors has a piece saying that the ‘
    RCMP has been called to investigate:

    Canadian servers hosting Syrian, Hezbollah-affiliated websites

    By Matt Hartley, Financial Post November 18, 2011

    Read more:

    check Taylor’s site on this: ‘The company, iWeb in Montreal also hosts the NDP’s website’.

  8. Phony conservative Boessenkool back in bed with Liberal Christy Clark « BC Blue: One BC Conservative's view on it all… Says:

    […] earlier post showcasing Boessenkool’s un-conservative activities and true political motives here. GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); GA_googleAddAttr("Origin", "other"); […]

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