Justin seriously wants to start his little game of Trivial Pursuit?

Another example of how Liberal MP Justin Trudeau thinks himself to be oh so clever and not the empty vessel that he really is (see here).

Whenever Justin is ready, I have a few questions that I would like him to answer starting with re-explaining his deep thoughts on non-barbaric honour killings.


Christy Clark aide’s husband & ex-Canadian Press Managing Director gets another un-tendered contract

It pays well to be the husband of one of Christy Clark’s bridesmaids, Athana Mentzelopoulos, who also happens to be Clark’s deputy minister for corporate priorities.

This is the 2nd sweet deal given to the former Vancouver Sun and Canadian Press editor, Stewart Muir, who earlier this year was paid $70,000 to write the whitewashed Vancouver riot report for Liberal crony John Furlong (see here).

Oddly though, the story in the Sun on his new $180,000 non-advertised job (see here) didn’t mention that contract.

Notice it was Gordon Campbell’s former chief of staff who held this gig prior to Muir getting it who had temporarily left only after getting hired by Clark as deputy minister of government communication and public engagement.

Sure are lots of Liberal hiring coincidences.

h/t Robbie

Update: The contract has now been cancelled but the BC media have still not breathed a word about Muir’s previous riot report deal.

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