Video: Sun News reporter grabbed & called name by union leader

Ontario Federation of Labour President Sid Ryan didn’t like being confronted by Sun News’ Jacqui Delaney about his union stirring things up at the Occupy Toronto site and decides to forcibly grab her and call her a “shitdisturber”. (see video here)

Now you’d think that every journo in Canada would be condemning Ryan’s actions but not a peep from any of them. Sure does makes you wonder why?

Update: Sun News producer Rikki Ratliff has now confirmed that their production truck’s cable was intentionally cut at the Occupy Toronto site.


CBC Kady has lots time to look for missing “sures” in Hansard

We all remember the intrepid little CBC reporter Kady O’Malley who had no time to look into the original Climategate scandal and are still waiting for her to wade into Climategate II (see here) but seemingly Kady has loads of it now if her latest investigating piece is any indication (see here).

When it comes to combing through Hansard for a single missing word, Kady  is our girl. Not so much if it has to do with debunking a CBC meme though.

Update: Kady O’Malley reacts again to my blog post about her, calls me “dubious” and says I am “obsessively personal“.

Not sure what either means but I’ll take them as compliments?

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