You know you’ve made it when Kinsella calls you a “psycho”

From Warren Kinsella’s blog comment section:

bigcitylib says:
December 29th, 2011 at 7:32 pm EST

“I find myself indifferent to the fate of the B.C. Libs, who for years have been telling people they’re not anything like the Federal Libs. They’re basically the Socreds minus the Zalmoids, who have recoalesced as BC Tories. As the BC NDP have reembraced their Green Wing rather than selling out to their Unionistas, more power to them.”

“PS. If I were a BC Lib I would go after this kook”

“…who apparently has a place in the BC-Con hierarchy. The Loony is strong in these people, and this fact can surely be exploited.”

  •  Warren says:
    December 29, 2011 at 7:59 pm

    “Yeah, that one’s a psycho. I could turn him into one beaut of an attack spot.” (see here)

    h/t Robbie

    Update: Linked by Kinsella and the New York Times on the same day. I can now die a happy man. (see “fetishistic fixation”)


When biased Toronto journos write about BC politics

Is it too much to ask for a news organization to at least ask the journo to present what the polling data is showing before writing moronic statements such as:

“[Christy] Clark and [Alison] Redford were both chosen as leaders of governing parties whose popularity appears intact” (see here)

The Liberals have plummeted under Christy Clark since her initial short-lived media driven honeymoon period, highlighted in May when she barely won her by-election by 3 points (and that was without a Conservative candidate in the race).

There was also the Liberal caucus revolt that forced her to climb down from a fall election (see here) so it’s been well-known that Clark’s numbers have been horrible for a long time even before these three mid-December polls:

Angus Reid – shows Clark trailing NDP’s Dix for first time in personal popularity

Forum Research – shows BC Liberals and BC Conservatives tied

NRG Research Group – shows BC Liberals 4 points behind the NDP

The question is how QMI’s Cassandra Drudi could have possibly missed all this evidence?

The answer of course is because this is another classic case of a pre-written article manipulated to fit a journo’s story-line enabled by a compliant or lazy editor.




Great example of Ottawa Press Gallery propping up NDP

It would be easier if Postmedia’s Peter O’Neil would just flat-out admit he writes whatever certain NDP insiders tell him and save us the song and dance:

“I agree with Ed” (see here)

Seriously, who in the media would ever be so personally familiar with Harper and openly say “I agree with Stephen” and don’t get me started with his picks of “front bench NDP talent”:

 Charlie Angus

Megan Leslie

Pat Martin

Alexandre Boulerice


Waiting for newspaper editor to show proof of his Harper majority prediction

Norman Spector noticed in the CP story on the Conservative majority being their “News Story of the Year” had Dan Leger, director of news content for the Halifax Chronicle-Herald saying this:

“It was fairly predictable, it was not a surprise, the polls suggested it was going that way”

Really? The way I remembered it was that the Ottawa Press Gallery and all the major polls showed, at best, a minority Conservative government which was admitted after the election by Frank Graves of EKOS here.

After Google searching for Leger’s majority prediction and not finding it, I’ve asked him to send it along which I’ll post if I receive.

Update: This is what I received from Leger as his response:

“It was predicted. But every time I said it, 60.38% of those who heard got bummed out.”

Garneau sends out lame trial balloon on Liberal leadership bid

In what may be one of the weakest all-time leadership testing-of-the-waters, you have MP Marc Garneau musing about running:

Canada’s first person in space said he will wait to see who opts to run for the Liberal leadership before making up his own mind.

He would be open to supporting a skilled young candidate who could renew the party, he said, or someone with a wealth of political experience. (see here)

Translation:  “I will run for Liberal leadership unless someone else does”

Garneau should maybe stow away his ego and instead concentrate on keeping hold of his own riding which he barely managed to win by a margin of 1.6% (see here)

Also: See earlier post on Garneau’s personal loan to his own campaign which broke the Election Act here

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